What activities can I do to ready myself for bed?

Brnedan N.
Meditation slows the mind down so you can have a deeper rest! I like to have my bed made ready and maybe a diffuser with my favourite essential oil and a salt lamp to make the bedroom a nice place to come.
Roxie Y.
I need to be more on top of being accountable for when it's time to get ready for bed, know that this is the time to do so. The alarms help me a lot. But I need to have the self discipline to actually go forth with taking the actions of doing these things. I do believe that guided meditation with affirmations within the meditation is something I would like to do before bed. I would need to maybe think of a few more things
But right now I do need to go to bed only 5 hours before I have to get up.
Maybe tea before bed. Heated up health juice to nourish myself during my sleep cycle? That's a thought!
Marcus U.
Unplug from all electronic devices.

Read a chapter of a book
Put some water by your bed side.

Get your gym clothes close to bed before morning