What do you actually do to disconnect yourself from daily routine?

Phillip Z.
Put my phone on the charger and leave it on the dresser unless I am using this time to read a book. If my wife wants to watch tv in the bed I instead use this time to give her a massage and dedicate my focus to that and sometimes to thinking about my day ahead. After a while I like to lay down and think about the things I’m grateful for before slipping off to sleep.
Jennifer Q.
I'm definitely still a rookie at this. But what seems to work for me is not going on to any social media sites, or shopping sites for at least an hour before bed. Not having that type of stimulation helps to calm my mind and is actually freeing not to be attached to the phone before bed like I used to. Also turning the brightness down on tv as far as it'll go and the volume to a faint whisper helps me too (unfortunately havent mastered sleeping without TV on!) Also breathing/ meditation really helps to mentally disconnect for me.
Khushi E.
I do my skin care routine. Start with washing your face with a sugar scrub. Put on your favorite moisturizer. Add any oils to your dark circles, eyebrows and comb your eyelashes. This helps me relax. I follow this by drinking a glass of milk with coco powder.
Ethan O.
Lock my phone in a drawer for the day. It automatically changes the routine I have. I go out more, visit more am less stressed, its amazing how little you miss on social media. Although I do tend to tell people I am putting my phone away so they don't panic
Annabel F.
I read. I’m an avid reader of novels, the news, some academic books and articles.
I also see, spin my own yarn, knit—and these days I make masks for my sons.
Line F.
During my time when I disconnect, I delete all social media on my phone. During this time I either complete other nightly tasks or read, mediate, journal and or reflect. I believe these are great things todo because it gives you time to really assess your day, plan for tomorrow, and most importantly decompress.
Gauthier Q.
I have a hard time going off a routine due to my autism but I try to keep myself calm and understand that disconnecting from routine is just a thing that happens
Rachel Z.
If I understand the question correctly, this is about unwinding from the busyness of the day and just being.
Well, my number one action is to meditate. I do this every morning to start my day on a centered footing. I feed my mind and soul with nourishing and uplifting thoughts to reflect on and spend some time being mindful. This means I am less likely to get sucked into the daily routine and more likely to be able to detach and observe my actions and make positive changes.
Caitlin Y.
I don't check emails or social media.
I drink hot chocolate or honey tea.
I switch off lights and check that all the doors are locked.
I might take a nice long bath when I didn't go for a run.
I read a book in bed, or do a bit of crochet.
Flavie Q.
Keep away all of the screens, just lay in bed and knead. Prepare a glass of water or a fruit and relax, think about the day and prepare for tomorrow.
Astrid G.
Well right now I don't really have much of a routine which is why I started this app. I have been out of work since about mid March so I take most days as they come. Sometimes I make a to do list and sometimes I don't.
Jose J.
I had to swap my schedule around, so I'm offline by 7pm. I changed my phone settings so I'm not notified every single time I get an email. I go for a run to expend energy and play my mountain dulcimer to unwind.
Judy N.
I try to study in new places, discover new songs to listen in the car and appreciate the little things in life that make me smile!