What can I affrim to myself to actually put the phone down and talk to people face to face?

Enrique U.
You want to talk to real, vivid people. You want to see their expressions, want to feel what they feel, to feel their moods. At the same time, you can have more effective communication.
Susanna Q.
Treat every moment like it’s your last. If this were the last time you talk to this person, would you want it to be over the phone or in person?
Rika Q.
Talking to people face-to-face allows better opportunities for deeper connections. And not only does it allow you to connect with others on a deeper level, it allows you to connect deeply with yourself: strengthening your sense of empathy and nurturing your own soul.
Raime F.
I think it is always better to talk in person v.s over the phone because this day and age everyone takes things to personal and I think body language and facial expressions with a smile no and then is a lot better than a phone convo I hope this helps it also helped my get more socially involved with friends and family best of luck to you ❤️🙏🏻
Cassie N.
It helps me to think of my time with the other person. I have plenty of time to be on my phone, but I don’t have all the time to have quality interactions with the people around me. By putting my phone down I am able to fully engulf myself by the other person by focusing only on them.
Manar U.
Put your phone on airplane mode, don't open anything new just finish what you're doing. And put your phone down, even if it's hard, try easing yourself into it, you could read a book.
Tag G.
Try saying this:
This phone in my hand is already outdated. In a few years it will be in a box of old devices no longer useful just like all the devices that came before it.

The person in front of me is human – a miracle of DNA and life and breath. No matter how much they scare me, no matter how they annoy me, whether or not I agree with their opinions, this person is unique among all other humans.

And now is my chance, during my one wild and precious life, to put down the outdated and instead encounter the miracle in front of me. I'm worth it and they are worth it.