What’s your best (fastest) way of getting out of your own head?

Helena U.
Wondering what it would mean if I got out of bed 5 minutes earlier and taking some time to be greatful or time to think about my self

Heidi P.
To get out of my head I try to talk to people or focus. When I get to into my thoughts exercise or yoga definitely helps, but also if you tell someone you trust what's on your mind maybe you could see it in their perspective.

Sara W.
I have a really huge problem with disconnecting into my head and sometimes it is hard to get into functioning but the easiest way for me is trying to get in touch with reality by trying to look around and think about what you could do that maybe you have forgotten about, taking you’re phone or laptop to the side can make you focus better on what is missing around you.

Laurie P.
There are lots of things you can try! I use a free app called Tapping Solution that walks me through different meditations. I also like to draw and to colour in adult colouring books! Going for a walk, reading a good book, or listening to podcasts also help me.

Gaspard Q.
Talk to other people, stay outside in nature… talk to myself with kindness, every problem had a solution. <3 When my mind try to scare me, i try to stop, breath and ask myself “it’s really that scary?”

Shakeeia W.
The fastest way of getting out of my own head is, thinking of something that makes me happy like, going to the store later, hanging out with friends or family, watch my shows that I like later, taking a nap etc… but actually visualizing me doing these things makes me happy and motivated to get what I need to be done on time and right away 🙂

Rosalyn Q.
I sit in a room by myself think positive thoughts or I write down how I feel and forget about everything that has been wrong or went wrong

Marwah O.
My way is to write it on a page and organize everything and to be so productive with this and I think that is the real thing that I must do this and it makes me productive in my life so I think that it’s the most productive thing

Glic Ria Z.
I write my feelings and try to understand the issues and solve them. After writing the possible solution, I say to myself that I will do the change and than I see something comedy to feel happy. But see you don't have to be worried so much about the change whole time, you have to bring that change slowly, you will fail and try again, you need to give yourself enough time……Be kind to yourself and give the time that you really need and deserve to change …. .

Shahana F.
I Listen to energising ,mood boosting songs. .and try to not think about it.i say to my self that i deserve better.or keep busy on my self so i dont have the time to get in my head .itry focus on positive things rather than negative.

Rebekah G.
I don't try and get out of my own head. Instead, I like to acknowledge what's there and be an observer. Then I think about it, write about it, make sense of it, and let it go if I need to.

Reginald U.
Sometimes it seems impossible to get out of one’s own head. My best way to do so is to listen to energetic music which makes me want to dance and sing as loud as I can! I also enjoy meditating and praying 🤍

Likhitha E.
I listen to music and clean my home finding the solution … I obviously get more than one so .. I go according to that but I keep worrying a bit still

Claire P.
To like stop using your phone and try to get rid of your addictions and put reminders on a page then put the page somewhere where you see everyday like a door,desk,wall or you can put it on a sticky note too.

Movies O.
look around and observe three things you can see. then, observe three things you hear. lastly, if possible, find three things you can touch and try to visualize connecting with and grounding yourself to them.

Ivan Y.
That's super easy because I'm doing it right now. Petting or playing with my bunny. We have the perfect friendship; she loves to give me kisses and I love to receive kisses from her LOL

Andrey C.
One thing that works for me is I remember life is to short to worry about the little things and you got to enjoy your life since it's the only one you have.

Nelson X.
Reading, as I can’t focus on anything but the words. Or a nap, or the gym. they all give me something that i can’t ignore so I can stop my brain going into overdrive

Vivian Y.
The best and quickest way to get out of my own head is to put on a podcast, call family or a friend, or do some meditation. Hearing someone else’s voice immediately takes me out of my own head and brings comfort to me.

Ka Nisha Z.
Lately I have found that whenever I get a negative thought in my mind I try to quickly replace it with a positive affirmation and when I'm not so quick to change it I don't beat myself up about it I reflect and find a positive affirmation and I also am beginning to practice adding on to my affirmation making it not just say a simple one like I am proactive I will say something like I am proactive and I finish my task with ease

Eleonara P.
i would like to take a walk to thing about it then once you think about it to much then it will go away. Or you could talk to a friend, pet, and family or hangout with that person just do something else.

Sara E.
The bast way to get out of your own head is to just believe in yourself and think about all the successful things that you have done and been through, and reflect on the experience that you have gained

Hassan U.
I can't tell actually. I do force myself sometimes to get back to reality, but the rest of the times I'll get out of my head naturally because of the circumstances. I don't really try to get out of there very often. I like getting lost in my mind from time to time. When I don't want that, I just force myself to get out and then focus on something different. Hopefully that answers the question.