How can i keep my children away from devices?

Gracie Y.
I'm a teen, and I would say it's all about moderation. Of course phones and devices are addicting, and I myself am trying to break the habit of always being on them. But they also are amazing tools for us to utilize if we do it the right way–like you are now with Fabulous! I think just telling them your genuine feelings and concerns about being on their devices while still respecting them and their agency is so important. I value my parents' opinions and advice most when I can feel that it's out of love and when I feel like we're on the same side. So be honest yet kind and understanding, and maybe come up with some ideas you to help cut down on phone time (example, asking them if they would sleep with their phones charging outside their rooms, asking them if they would do some chores or if they want to work on a wholesome and fun skill in place of excess phone time, etc.) It also depends on the age and how excessive their phone time really is. I'm not a parent, but from a teen's perspective, as I said before, feeling loved and respected makes me want to love and respect my parents' opinions. Good luck!
Crystal X.
Some electronic plugs have holes in the prongs that plug into the wall. You can get small locks in which you hold the keys to loop thru this hole and latch. This prevents the device from plugging in. Only allowing your children the privilege when earned or approved. Another technique, also good for gifts bought in advance… Is getting a solid colored plastic storage tote and drilling hole through each end near handle where lid snaps into tub. Locks and then be applied on each end and the electronics/gifts/etc can be placed inside until appropriate time.
Jennifer F.
I enjoy reading to my kiddo — she then tries to reread the books to her baby dolls during quiet play in her room. Also encouraging her to pretend care for her babies — laundry, eating, bathing, etc. she takes them on walks in the backyard too even!
Another trick is KiwiCo activity boxes — shipped once a month with fun crafts!