How do you stop using mobile phone too much?

Judd W.
I started with only checking notifications because I was super addicted to my phone, forcing myself to make that first step was necessary to be able to control usage of it. Then I used it only to listen to music and eventually my phone addiction was gone.

Karla S.
Well, isn't easy obviously. For me was difficult start to do it because i am obsessed by the social media but i finded an app that help me to keep my phone close for any emergency but not using it to procrastinate (the app is forest if you wanna use it too) and I'm in love with it! i feel motivated and also its relaxing for me leave the phone, yeah at the begin is kinda rare but you're going to acostumbrate little by little. it was my second day of discipline and i have to say that i feel so happy with my progress, i can't wait to see how many trees i am going to plant tomorrow!!!