If I use my phone to read a few chapters before bed is that hindering my sleep?

Jason J.
Inevitably, the screen will be less helpful than a paper book, but using a red light filter can massively mitigate that problem.

If the convenience of a screen reader is important, see whether a Kindle with a paper style screen might be useful.

Salvador U.
A great question! Not too sure if the actual answer. In my own experience I found that being on my phone before sleep can get my mind going and then I have a difficult time falling asleep.
Constanze F.
Yes, the blue light of your phone’s screen suppresses your body’s natural rise in melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy. Notice how you feel when reading from a paper book just before bed instead.
Be Ta N.
Hi there! Yes, I’m afraid looking at your phone does hinder your sleep. Screens are said to emit a type of light called “blue light”, which blocks your sleeping hormones. Basically, blue light signals to your brain that it’s still daytime. Instead of reading an e-book, I would recommend that you read a paper copy in the evening. Or alternatively, you could try out some “blue light filtering” apps on your phone. Enjoy your evening chapter! 🙂
Liesel F.
As you have to read something important that is good for you like (Chapters etc)
Then you should adjust your time.
You should not change the timeing of you bed routine…
Bet remember the material you are going to do should have some importance 🕵‍♂🕵‍♂
Kathleen O.
As with many things, I think it depends. Some research shows that the blue light emitting from your phone disrupts you’re circadian rhythm. However different research shows reading slows our breathing and that causes us to get tired. You know your body best. What is it telling you?
Jakub X.
It could be. Phones are making that blue-thing color. Which you should get rid of. Most phones do have filters for that and I recommend using them at least in night times, but you shouldn't use your phone at least two hours before bed time. It sounds crazy, I know, I'm having problem with that too, so use that filter. Or you can get those readers, pdf or whatsoever they're. Hope i helped a bit