When you disconnect do you just sit there what do you do!

Astrid Z.
I started thinking about the things I want to do in a short future, but I want to get a new habit something like reading or do massages.
Salwa R.
When I disconnect, I use that time to do my budgeting and Read a book after. Reading eases me to sleep better and have a better energy in the next morning.
Trish C.
I go on my yoga mat and do stretches and a few low impact exercises or if I’m not up for that I go to one of the sounds which I pick the rain storm one and fall asleep.
Arya F.
I wash my face, comb my hair and braid it. And I drink a glass of water. If I still have time left, I play something with my brother.
Jibbs K.
Disconnecting has given me the time and stillness to do the things that I had put aside since I graduated high school. After my high school graduation, I was allowed to have a phone for the first time. Since then, all my hobbies disappeared. No more inline skating, no more reading, no more writing short stories. I just scrolled though Facebook, Instagram and Youtube all day.

The day I first unplugged I did quite literally sit there and wonder what to do. As I sat there for a few minutes, sitting unoccupied and without Social media as my babysitter, I realised the immensity of my time on social media. 4-5hrs a day, 30hrs/week, 120hrs/month. I would be wasting 1/5 of my entire life meaninglessly in front of a screen.

Now I have a list of things I can do and I’ve always wanted to do. Simple things from gardening and reading to taking up an old sport of mine, Taekwondo.

Gladys A.
I use the time to complete assignments, projects, unleash my creativity such as drawing, dancing, talking a walk, socialising with friends and family, self care, etc
Henry W.
I have two cars that I play with, once they are tired out I may work on a suduko puzzle. I have begun making a list of tasks for the next day. Then I usually ready for 💤