My job and daily tasks are mostly done using mobile phone. How can I adapt the Disconnect and Unplug habit in this situation?

L Onie Z.
If I can reduce my time I can be successful. I can check off the unplug habit before I do it for the night. If I need to unplug more throughout the day I will check off my duties at a later time
Alexei O.
When you want to disconnect and unplug, vow not to go on social media or do anything pointless on your phone. Perhaps in general, have a declutter of your phone. Do you need all of the apps you have? Can you minimise it to work stuff, and stuff that makes you truly happy and keeps you connected with others in meaningful ways?
Peggy Q.
I know it is hard to dissconect and u plug, when it feels like everything you do depends on your phone. One step towards unplugging is to schedule your off time. With this you will know that all your tasks and work should be done around that time.
Once you manage this, you'll feel things will go naturally… You'll start using your phone less and have more You time. Try it out! 🙂
Isabella G.
I would like to remind you that smart phones are not evil. I also use my phone or computer for work, and I would be lost without these tools. I use the disconnect habit during my downtime when i do not need to be looking at a screen. That way i have time to read a book, go outside weather permitting, or try a new recipe i found on pinterest (yes i will count it even if i go onto pinterest to look at said recipe) the whole point is that you don't spend your down time endlessly scrolling. Cheers