Where do you put your phone in charge if not in your bedroom?

Kerstgen O.
I haven't really thought about that question, since I actually put my phone on charge on a platfirm stand near my bed. My mother has cancer and I don't want to miss a late night emergent phone call from out of state that I need to come immediately from SC to NC to be there. I am a nurse and I am will be her caretaker. My decision. 🥰

Sandor X.
I struggle with this because I use my phone as an alarm in the morning. Perhaps I could put it on the dresser though that way it’s far from my bed?

Ethan U.
I like to put my phone in the living room because that makes it easier for me to wake up in the morning and get some energy since I am so attracted to my phone . So I will do anything to get it including getting up in the morning and getting my phone which helps me get my energy and then shortly proceed with my morning routine.

Silke E.
I charge my phone before I go to bed and turn it off when it’s bedtime and put it away. I have one of those old alarm clocks, so I don’t need my phone to wake me up.

Laura W.
Well if I'm not charging my phone in my bedroom I'm charging it in my Mom’s room or in the living room. Sometimes even on the kitchen counter but it really depends what it's for.

Emily O.
I use my phone for my morning alarm so I keep it on the hall table just outside my room. I'm less tempted to get out of bed to look at it than if it is on my nightstand.

Fausta O.
Mine is in my bedroom, I put my phone on charge and then put it into my clothes drawers and close it up as much as I can bring mindful of the cord, I need the phone in the room so i can listen to my meditation for sleep at night.