What motives you to put your phone away?

Isa J.
Most of the time I have the phone in my hand after work, late at night…. and the thought of not getting enough sleep or energy in the morning helps me minimize the time I stay on, but still some nights I stay up to 1 am
Marie Charlotte Z.
Well, I remember and I’m looking forward to the feeling of accomplishment (being I’m being wayyyy more productive) and the feeling of pride and the joy and excitement – all of what
Kemal Y.
I used to watch TV Anniston to music but I learned that I was not sleeping so I knew I jad to stop those things just keep me up and so I stopped.
Devon Y.
I’m still trying to figure that out myself still. I think while doing the routines, it kinda breaks the cycle of the old. Which partly I want to take more time away from being in my phone. So that’s a good thing. Also I believe that when you are just sick plans tired or being sick and tired, something happens where your open to doing new activities, any or any little thing to feel different about how you feel now. So I guess boredom and the constant not getting what you want done or urges for something different to happen in your life in general motivates me to get off the phone. I can hear the small voice saying “you do this all the time” “you should be living life right now”. I hope this ramble helped in some sort of way
Jelena P.
Kids (don't wont them to see me with the phone in my hand), books, food, friends, woods, running, yoga, Netflix.
Rest of the time is work when I have to use my phone.