What is the hardest part of disconnecting for you personally?

Garance Q.
The hardest part of disconnecting is when you just still want to touch your phone and see if anyone has messaged. But now I am trying to use my ears to see if anyone has messaged and if it’s someone important I keep their ringtone different to others! Now I am picking my phone less and I use that phone time tracker ironically on my phone which tracks the time I use on it. From there On I am decreasing my time week by week.

Carol E.
For me, the hardest part of disconnecting is that my mind automatically starts running to-do lists and tasks for the next 36 hours. I realized that I already know about these tasks, which is why I'm remembering it during meditation, and usually I've written them down so I dont have to pay them mind. I thank myself for remembering the thing and trying to protect me, then I put it down and go back to 'being a mountain observing the clouds' or whatever image makes most sense to you.