I sometimes find that picking up my phone to check off my evening rituals is what causes me to “plug back in.” Any tips on making sure that I stay unplugged?

Bertram C.
I sometimes actually do this … backwards. Deliberately so, for the evening routine. I check things off as my commitment that I will do them. (If they ever end up so complex I need an external list on paper, I probably will do so.) Then I go through my routine. Phone down, don’t need to look at it again.

If that for some reason won’t work, you could try putting what you need for your night routine onto one page or home screen on your phone. Nothing else. Navigate to that screen when it’s time. Then just leave it there.

Samira U.
I have run into this problem as well. I’ve tried this trick and it truly helps. Here’s what you do:
You change the alarm time for your evening routine to be earlier, so that way you’re already on your phone and you know you have to get off.