Why do people want to watch less TV?

Jenny F.
Often, watching tv is a way to spend hours doing very little. Sometimes that's a good way to wind down, but if that's all you do every evening, it can disconnect you from real life to a degree. I find myself sucked into Netflix/YouTube vortices and it doesn't make me any happier. I neglect all sorts of important things for no good reason. It's time to cut down.
Em Dio Q.
Watching tv can be relaxing. Because you can check-out mentally. But too much tv feels like a waste of time. And sometimes it gives you a nasty headache ;).
Todd E.
Watching tv for is me is a leisure. It is also a distraction to reach your goal for the day. Imagine watching series on the tv, for almost an hour everyday sum those hours in a week and you have a total of 7 hours which can be better utilise for reading books, learning something new or just reflecting on your goals and how to achieve it.
Cassandra T.
It could have various reasons. Maybe they ant to spend the time elsewhere, or they think it's not healthy so they are trying to avoid it.
Ulla O.
Because we feel like we could spend this time on something more productive. However, I believe we should recognise the importance of giving ourselves this respite, time to recharge and connect with contemporary culture.
Jenny P.
To unwind and get away from worldly things and have a moment to themselves and not think of what bad is going on in the world and to better themselves and maybe spend more time with family and being outside more and to go out more
Layla S.
I don't like watching TV at all. I would rather read or listen to music. I think for some people the TV rules thir lives and they become sedentary. I like to walk, garden, and generally be outside. You cannot do that if TV is the focus of your life.
Vitali Q.
Probably to realise dreams of their own, rather than spending their most valuable resource – their time – on things they won't remember at the end of their life.
Aaron F.
Watching TV is normally a passive and sedating activity. It is easy to spend hours and hours being absorbed by television shows which are normally engineered to be as addictive as possible to the human attention span! Some people do not have trouble turning off the television and only watch to unwind, but a lot of people struggle with using television as a sort of opiate to avoid “real life”. Especially with streaming technology that allows us to watch multiple episodes of shows that we like!
Nat Rcio F.
So that they aren’t fat, lazy, unproductive slugs. The more tv you watch the less you accomplish in your day. The more weight you gain from being a lump on the sofa. The more worthless you become to yourself and those you live with.
Melquisedeque F.
TV takes away the focus from the important things in life. Most of the time people use it as a way to occupy their time when they could be using it on more important aspects of their lives!
Eleonora E.
Depending what you watch on tv, it reduces your intelligence . It is much better to spend this time doing self care or reading – for pe personally, I love learning and that rreduces my tv time.
Sheila Y.
I guess because it's an unhelpful distraction if you watch too much. Its very easy to get hooked on a show these days and binge watch your time away.
Venceslau Q.
Tv brings entertainment which is good in small proportion but brings nothing to productivity. Plus, it gives us a false sense of having seen and lived plenty when all we have done is sitting on the couch.
Andrej X.
It’s addictive, sedentary, and often mindless drivel. We’ve been watching documentaries on Netflix during dinner but decided it was better to listen to music or actually talk to each other…
Guy F.
With stuff like YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram, there’s really nothing to invest with in television broadcasts. It’s almost a dead medium nowadays