What should I do to replace my TV habit in the evenings?

Dittmar O.
Your TV habit in the evenings can be still be enjoyed. If it de-stresses you after a long work day, reward yourself! 🙂 But, as in most things in life, do this in moderation and know when to stop. I set an alarm at 10 / 11pm to finish up on my show so I can wind down mentally. Its important for me to unplug from all gadgets and do my daily self reflection in order to get restful sleep and reset myself for the next day.
Michael J.
Try to think of life before TVs were invented! Can’t imagine it right?! Well neither can I! But do something that will make you happy but won’t remind you of tv 📺! Read a book, go for a walk, or heck even take a nap!
Edelina E.
There are plenty of options. Personaly i like to read, so buing a bok is one alternative. Another is to invite a friend or go visit someone.
Inalda Q.
Do something creative, productive, or adventurous. If you do something creative, make it something that you don’t look at a screen for. If you do something productive, make sure you stay on-task. If you do something adventurous, make it an outdoorsy thing, or go for a quick drive/bike ride.
Tyrone Y.
Hi fabulous user! From my perspective you don’t necessarily have to replace it, it depends what is the relationship you have with it. Do you have a healthy relationship with it? Are you watching TV to learn new stuff and spend quality time or are you using TV to narcotic yourself and escape from reality / avoid boredom? In the second case, your time will be better used to reflect on yourself, maybe meaning of life in general. The idea of replacing is inappropriate, you don’t want to replace TV by something else to fill a void, you want to find what is deeply important to you, what you need, and take the time to do it. Do something that will truly make you bloom instead of being swallow by the brain washing of TV and commercial. It could be doing sport for your health, going outside, movies, meeting friends, reading a book, watching TV if it’s what you truly want, it’s not all hard with TV some channel are great. What matter is the intention you have toward the activity you do, less the activity itself. Wish you all the best fabulous user! Take good care and I hope it helps
Brandie F.
I had a very big tv and social media addiction before that came from boredom and then became habbit. To break it I limited my TV time to one episode a day of whatever show I want that day so I do Game of Thrones on Monday, American Gods on Tuesday, etc etc. Whenever the episode is over I’ll either listen to a meditation on Headspace of finish a challenge on this app. Its really helpful to have something specific to do at first and, once you’ve gotten used to it, watching more than an episode feels like a chore more than entertainment. Hope this helps!
Horst G Nter G.
Take time to think about what you gain from watching TV. Is it getting work off your mind, quiet time, or just mindless entertainment? Once you figure out what you think you gain from watching TV you can replace it with something that is more constructive but accomplishing the same goal, mediations reading, board games for family time. Or even planning a menu. It could even be something that brings out your creative side like a hobby, painting etc. Any small change is but than no change.
Zoraide P.
Think of tomorrow and what could you do now to make tomorrow better. It may be to just relax and mediate or layout a plan of engagement to take your mind of too many choices. Each moment is a gift – time serves you.
Lila E.
Read a book or magazine. Perhaps take up a hobby, do something creative, journal, plan for the next day, focus on what you’re grateful for, phone a friend (not text, but actually phone and connect), tidy up your immediate area, make your lunch for the next day. Spend time with your loved ones. Listen to some music. Just be
Eneias Q.
Arrange more meetups with your friends at night and you’ll start to think of your TV as a waste of your room space. Then simply through it away. Get more interesting news from your friends, and less from the screen.
Katrine W.
Ask yourself first why is it that you like to watch TV in the evenings. Is it out of boredom? Entertainment? Educational? Whatever it is – there is most definitely another activity to keep you occupied, interested or educated that doesn’t involve a screen !Would you like to be alone and in peace and quiet or more social? What would happen if you tried having a tea or a glass of wine and a conversation instead of watching TV? What about listening to a book on audible or even better reading one? Don’t even turn the TV on!
Gary T.
Why replace it? Instead I have found balance with watching some tv and then meditating or doing yoga for the hour before bed. That way I can watch a show and help myself go to sleep. Otherwise, baking or making yummy food, listening to audiobooks/ reading and meditation are great activities for the evening
Sander W.
I don’t have a tv in my room it’s in living room, so I make sure I start my bed time routine at 10:45 after I watch a show, then to bed complete darkness and silence and honestly after suffering from sleepless nights for years I can’t believe the great result a I had this past week
Betina Q.
1. Realise most TV programs aren’t truly interesting (or life-changing)
2. Read and drink tea instead.

Good luck on your journey.

Am Lie Z.
During the time that you would normally be doing this, get outside or at least away from the TV. Take a walk, read a book, meet up with a friend, do a workout, drive somewhere. These are all things you could do instead of watching TV.
Janet T.
I’m struggling with that myself. I am cutting the cable cord so I will only have Netflix on my smart TV. I’m trying to develop an evening routine for after dinner: perhaps reading, taking a walk, getting the coffee pot ready for tomorrow, not allowing myself to lie down on the couch, switch meditation to evening, allow only one hour of TV. Limiting myself to 3 drinks per week as alcohol makes me drowsy. I have varying degrees of success. Lying on the couch is a tough nut to crack
Perry Z.
Try to not do anything related to screens. I suggest either Tea and a book, audiobook in bed. Something soothing yet engaging as it needs to compete with tv. The dangers with tv is that it requires nothing from you which makes it easy to get stuck in front of. A short walk without music is also recommended.
Steven O.
This is definitely going to be a personal preference. I personally enjoy reading while playing some music in the background. Others would suggest a walk or exercise or meditation – a creative hobby like writing or drawing is great too – or maybe just watch less tv and go to bed early so you can wake up well rested and early to take on a new day. Tons of options –
Just make sure it’s something you genuinely enjoy so that to stick with it.
Baguandas Q.
Read something in the same genre as the TV shows you habitually watch. Watch shows because you enjoy them. Not because you HAVE to.
Aldo Q.
I think a really good different habit is reading a book or even just a magzine about something you are interested in. It helps you sleep better and you can educate yourself a little bit every day
Anette A.
Sit outside and enjoy the evening with my husband and dogs, meditate and breathe, be mindful of the beauty around me, read a book, play a game wig mick
Alfred W.
Reading is a better alternative than watching TV. I know i should read more since i have a long queue of materials to read just collecting dust on my shelves
Deusete I.
Try reading! I find this difficult myself as the time before bed is perfect to catch up on my shows, but reading is a way smoother transition into sleep that will also stimulate your imagination way more than watching tv.
Marie X.
I had the same habit and decided to change: I would, during the early part of the week find a book that I might like to read and look up interesting music that I had never heard of. I also bought candles. At the end of the week after my evening meal instead of turning on the tv, I lit some candles, put on the music and just relaxed. It worked. The next evening I began reading
my book. I alternated between reading and listening. Just before I go to bed I write about my day in a journal that I keep. Focusing on experiences, pleasures, achievements, praise, gratitude and kindnesses.
I no longer have a tv.
Franklin J.
Great question! I’d like to know the answer to that question too!! Fabulous, will we ever get to see the answers to these questions?
Mareike Y.
I should be taking my time to plan for winding down: tidying up, summing up finances for the day, planning the next, then disconnect, start to turn down the lights and start relax (including shower). Then end the night off with celebrating, being thankful, and reading + meditation
Julie B.
That‘s a tough one. TV has a very strong soothing-quality and can really become an addiction. So you will have to gradually reduce the time and the depth you spend in front of the TV. Put it in a new position, that is uncomfortable & not in your bedroom of course. Then start becoming aware of your habit while watching TV and slowly replace just sitting there with other activities around the house or even exercise. Then switch to audiobooks so your eyes are not stressed anymore.
Hunter E.
Listen to audiobook, we often don’t have time to read, but listening is easier, plus you can multitask. If book is hard to keep up, try short podcast, 15-20 min max. You will learn new things plus let your eyes to relax.

You could also try some table games, like monopoly or manchkin, or even cards/soliter.

Hort Nsia G.
Plan in a little activity – for example to go for a walk or meet a friend outside. And if it’s TV why not do some exercises while watching?
Neura Z.
Audiobooks and reading… I did it for a few days in row in each of the last few weeks but I couldn’t establish the routine.

We got rid of all the 📺 tv’s in the house except for a couple of large computer 🖥 monitor lbs and one large tv in the den.

I need to hide the tv 📺 remote control and keep it out of reach.

And then when others want to watch tv (the kids, spouse, friends/family…), I need to just move to another place in the house I suppose- I mean it seems harmless to just sit and watch a little tv with everyone else, but the next things you know., an hour has passed when you could have been doing something else (reading or talking with your kids or souse or loved ones, etc)

Lucas E.
What are some things you enjoy? You could take a walk around the block, sit outside and enjoy the sunset, work in the garden, read a book, play games with the kids, draw a picture, write in a journal about your day or what you are grateful for, do some breathing awareness…… something that you enjoy that helps to increase the positivity in your life and get you more relaxed for bed. Hope this helps!
Amalie W.
What is the purpose of watching TV for you? Relaxation? Education? Laughter? It really depends on what you are using it for.

Reading either fiction or non-fiction, doing a craft project, listening to music, and meditation are just a few things that might be options.

Self care like a long bath. A gentle evening stroll. Yoga. Tai Chi.

There are so many options!

You don’t even have to do the same thing all the time. Have a list and pick.

Make it something that leaves you happy and relaxed when heading to bed

Vicki U.
Whatever genre show you tend to watch in the evenings… find a book or book series that’s similar. It’s easier to change the habit if it is a smaller change – so if you watched an action
show every night, find an action book series that’s similar.

If you watched two hours of tv, read for an hour and spend the other hour writing in a journal or tidying up around your house or doing something else relaxing. I putter around in my garden, get some extra playtime in with my dogs, then read or write for an hour before I go to sleep at night. It helps relax me and tells my mind and body that it’s time to shut down for the night.

Antonio J.
For a start, disconnect your cable service. That gives you lesser options . Sign up for some classes in the evening. Make it light and something you enjoy doing . Probably something which piques your interests like art . If you don’t want to travel , you can have online classes via Skype . This could be even learning a new language . Basically you need to replace your bad habit with something else
Keila C.
This is a great question! One that is near and dear to my heart. In short, I would say something without screen time – having a phone in the bed is the new “falling asleep to the TV.” What’s been helpful for me is finding a skilled hobby like tinkering with watches, drawing, or piano. If you enjoy reading that would be an excellent substitute.

I had to remove my phone from my bed because the distraction was too great. Be sure to design your environment so that you don’t have to rely on willpower.

Good luck! You are doing a great thing – this is a big step. I have no doubt you will achieve your goals! Best of luck!

Alvani Q.
I would suggest replacing it by spending sometime with your dogs or children. Or have some ”me time”
With reading book for an hour
Elisabet U.
I’ve a started a 30 min clean whenever I get home from work. But I’ve not found anything to replace the downtime feel I get from TV
Danilo S.
Try going for a walk outside at your favorite walk, and reading a book! If you’re tired and that’s why you choose to check out, try doing some stretches or yoga.
Do you have a hobby or a dream or goal that has slipped through the cracks of time? Instead of watching TV in the evening, working on your dreams is a much more beneficial thing to do. Try doing it for one hour. Or the Japanese 1 minute method; we can convince ourselves to do something for one minute, but will usually work on it longer.
Is there an area you are lacking in loving and taking care of yourself? Practice self care instead of TV.

I believe in you! This is a wonderful step in the right direction. I’m proud of you for wanting more out of evening life than just television.

Remember that television is also referred to as “programming.” How do you actually want to program yourself to be?

Andrea B.
It is really hard to break the TV habit. The first way I would recommend is to move yourself away from the TV, or the TV away from you. If you eat dinner in front of the TV, eat somewhere else, where there is no TV. If you eat alone and want a distraction, don’t turn the TV on but put music or a podcast on instead. The second way is kind of a weird one: put on a movie instead. Tv shows are short and the story arcs are easy to binge. Movies take more out of me and take a time commitment. If you don’t have time to finish a movie, you’re less likely to start it. And when you finish a movie, you’re unlikely to want to put another on on immediately. Third, just choose something else. What do you like to do? What have you been meaning to start doing? When you’re inclined to watch TV, just decide to do something else for a few minutes first. You might end up preferring the new thing and forgetting about the TV.
Ben N.
Replacing TV habit can be hard for anyone. I recommend you to ask as a question yourself before turning on the TV: “what I am going to watch now?”.
You don’t need to judge your answer because you know what is right for you.
Alternatives for TV are physical workout, quality time with friends and an books.
Victor E.
I enjoy reading a book at night instead of watching TV. I hAve a dim light on and it helps me to relax and I usually dose off.
Alison E.
Consider putting your remote(s) away, that way you’re not tempted to turn on the tv. Think of creating a list of the activities you’ve always wanted to try. You could dedicate one night a week to focusing on that activity, then slowly build to several nights a week. A few of the activities on my list include relearning calligraphy and learning Chinese. Good luck!
Marceau T.
Read! Or exercise, join a social club in your area, stretch, watch a TED talk, get more sleep, take cookbooks out of the library and plan meals for the week. There’s so much to do besides watch TV.
Arron Z.
I have/ had the same exact issue! First I had to speak to my partner about my concerns, and turns out he felt similarly. We both noted that we have a shelf of books we have been meaning to read, so now instead of the TV… we play relaxing music in the background and read for 30 mins. It’s enjoyable, and also gives me talking points that come up naturally during conversations throughout the day. Good luck!! Hope this helps! 🙂
Lou I.
I would recommend taking a nice shower or bath, drink some tea to relax and read a book. This could be your way to unwind in the evenings.
Duane O.
You should try to replace with that has the same value. If you watch TV for entertainment, replace for reading or listening to some chill music. If you watch to get sleepy, try to journal or watch some ASMR.
Helen Y.
You can try to read a book about something you might be interested in
The book is almost like tv but the show will be displayed in your magi nation trust me it will be much more fun like you’re creating your own show
Bertha R.
Make a schedule. Add specific times in which you read, write, listen to podcasts / Ted talks, exercise and meditate. Just keep yourself use to take your mind off it
Teresa C.
I already do not watch TV anymore. Listening to music is my favorite thing to do…as well when it’s right before bedtime, I found I like to let my mind wander and just breathe in silence.
Cl A B.
I like to read or tap into my crafty side. I find this is also a good way to get my kids away from the tv before bed too
Nathan Z.
Tv isn’t a bad thing. We still need to do the things that bring us comfort. It’s all about how much or how often we do things. Watch one show or one movie. Then move on. Meditate, call a loved one, or go for an evening walk and see how many birds you can spot.
Bobbie E.
You could go out for a walk or magbe read a book! You could even cook some food or rig up some friendship or family and hang out !
Victor U.
Well I’ve replaced my own phone habit with reading a paper book, and you could read anything depending on what you are interested in! I like fiction novels, but there are other options like non fiction biographies, instructional books, you name it. Otherwise, you could journal some of your thoughts down, and write a to do list. Or you could even implement a nice relaxing bath (or every now and then to save water)
Frederik N.
Build a healthy evening routine that will help you reach goals in your life whilst also making it a habit where you enjoy it. It could be journaling, researching, reading, biking, meditation or whatever else you want. It’s fun but it also helps you grow and move forward.
Felix E.
I do not have a TV habit, but instead a start turning off lights, ready the environment, then I choose something like reading, or journaling, or sudoku. I make a different routine. It helps me to keep the tv off and to get my phone out of my face.
Linda E.
This is a good one. I’d like to hear others’ answers on this. Let’s see: read, clean, work on a blog or novel, play games with the kid, build something with the kid, cook, go for a walk, go to the gym, go to networking events, go to a lecture at the library, get a certification, take a class, organize a room, set up an eBay account to sell stuff, learn a new skill, learn a language, learn how to sew, make a quilt, go for coffee or dessert with a girlfriend, join another book club, laundry, join evening running group, bowl.
Lina Y.
I like to go for a walk after dinner. Or find a short video and stretch. Moving a little clears my head and helps me disconnect from the day.
Kim J.
TV is the ultimate void filler. I find I will watch something I’m not compelled by or interested in just to pass the time. To live a more active life, in line with passions and goals, this is the time to return to hobbies that once brought you joy and to discover new ones. I started painting water color a year ago, and used online classes to help me learn, I’ve had pieces sell at fundraisers and in galleries. I replaced the time I would spend on TV and on my phone, with at least 30 minutes of structured creative time, it quickly became more than that for me. From cross stitch, to coloring books, to connect the dots, puzzles, and podcasts. I’ve found that active engagement with any of these makes me feel more satisfied. I save TV and Movies for the occasional treat for something I really enjoy.
Silke Z.
If you like reading, find some book you’d really like and start reading it for enjoyment. Try to read instead of watching TV three days a row. When it comes to make a choice, just switch off the TV and make yourself comfortable on a couch to immerse your thoughts into the book of your choice.
In case you’re not a fan of reading, you might choose something that would engage you and distract from the “silver screen” zombie-box. This could be listening to some relaxing music, petting a dog/cat, unscrambling a jigsaw and etc.
In few days you’ll see that TV hasn’t much to offer.
Genoveva Z.
I suggest reading, but I know that it's not a easy switch from live action television to reading, so maybe start with a inspirational or a informative podcast, or even a audiobook.
Use these to transfer over to actual physical books. Which are much more better for you on your way to sleep, being that you're giving yourself some quiet time prior to sleeping
Teod Sio S.
Puzzling if you have a partner to do it with, evening walk outside after dinner, reading a novel or something from a collection like best American essays or best American
Short stories, or crotchet/knitting or another hobby that helps you wind down and relax.
Angelina F.
I think i should find someone to be passionate about to work on that , or maybe find a really good book so i don’t have to watch TV
Anny F.
I read. It’s not easy in the beginning, but it’s worth it.

I’m also trying to pick up an musical instrument, for times when my brain just refuses to process more words.

Louison T.
So many options! Read a book, go for a walk, work on a creative hobby, write about your day or whatever you like, pamper yourself, meditate…the list goes on. Choose something based on how you feel that day – but you might surprise yourself!
Ricardo S.
I think you should find a good book that you really like. This way, you will feel more excited to go to bed and read instead of watching TV. You can also watch some TV in the morning instead, after you’ve gotten your sleep. Then you get something to look forward to in the morning, and get a good nights sleep as well!
Potira T.
You could replace your TV habits by reading a book that corresponds to the particular tv show you usually watch or replacing it with another habit like drawing, meditating, or something calming before bed.
Mercedes X.
Well it’s hard to go cold turkey at once (though it would be good if you can) but what you can do is create a decision wheel with like a list of other things you want to do or you feel like you have been putting off for quite a while I.e read a book for 10mins, clean your room for 10mins, exercise for 10mins… so everytime you feel like watching TV you ask yourself “TV’s so tempting but could I better spend this time somewhere else?” And pull out your decision wheel, spin it, and see where it lands! I feel like it offers an element of surprise but helps you get the job done without asking you for too much commitment. I don’t know if this helps… you can do it ^^ just gotta keep finding what’s comfortable for you.
Vit Rio F.
Read, get ready for the next day, start my bedtime routine with skincare included!!! Shower, spend QUALITY time with Kenny, go for an evening walk or workout.
Z Lia F.
As such it has been past 8 yrs I have watched TV, it’s important to realise and be mindful, that TV is idiot box and it’s full of garbage . It is made to take your attention and it’s very unhealthy to continue to watching it. Reading especially with fiction books will help one keep away from TV.
Larry P.
I would replace it with either a good book, if that’s in your element, a soothing playlist is another good option, or my personal favorite is a cup of tea while journaling. It’s difficult to replace screen time with something else considering how many more options there are involving screens, but it’s quite nice to rest your eyes before bed and therefore worth it.
Laudelino T.
Headphones on, access the meditations and audio soundbites on here and tidy the kitchen, house, garden whilst listening.
David O.
Get into reading. Self help books fiction books , get lost in a great book while also growing your mind
You can also pick up a light hobby. Like i practise my drawing in the evenings. I suggest maybe an instrument if your passionate enough, a language something that takes you away from your evening routine
You can spend time bonding with friends and family if possible
Also remember to take sometime to reflect and look deep into yourself to review how things are going for you
Flora Q.
You can replace it with anything you would like. The key is to set limits on the time allotted to it. I always have dinner with my family and we do not rush it. One to two hours of a leisurely dinner and lots of conversation is the goal. Then I watch between 45 minutes and one and a half hours of tv. I then do my night routine and get to bed. Having a nightly plan is the key. If I have a work function, I will skip the tv watching completely and just spend time talking with family about their day and my day.
Arthur Z.
So I had a bit of an epiphany today on realising that, I listed a habit that said, unplug and unwind, so for a while I didn’t know what it meant until today.

I unplugged indeed, turned off the tv, then I went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea and biscuits, then I picked out a book that I am going to read for 30min.

I still have my phone in my hands because I would like to share but part of my unplugging is not going through my phone and reducing screen time.

I will pick up the laptop and do something productive

Tess O.
There have always been things I wanted to learn so I spend my evenings studying and reading. I’m currently learning Spanish. A few evenings a week I walk with a friend or go for a bicycle ride.
I began by only committing to a few minutes each evening and then kept adding to it.
I wish you all the best.
Tristan Z.
You can write down a few things that you enjoy, for example yoga, reading a book or go for a jog. If you do things you like it Will replace your TV habits!
Axelle Y.
Hi there! TV free and cable free for almost 20 years now – I started going to the gym and picking up other hobbies like journaling, penmanship, marksmanship and cycling. Pick something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do in life – and you won’t look back!
Esther E.
This is super important. Since you are trying to replace a passive activity you should start slow: listen to the radio or an audiobook (my choice), you can do those things without looking into light before you go to bed. From there you can start reading/solve crossword puzzles or draw.
Leonarda E.
This time should be replaced with more meaningful activities like reading, meditating, quality time with loved ones or significant other. Time is a limited
Dirk Y.
I like to first turn the TV off at a certain time. Typically, Around the time I feel myself getting really drawn to the show. A lot of times I will stay awake to see the next episode, for 5 more episodes… Then suddenly it’s 3:30 in the morning and I’m SOL on sleep for the night.

So, I turn it off when it gets interesting. I tell myself it’s something to look forward to when I have time tomorrow. After I turn the TV off I like to get some water and walk my dog before bed. I know, it’s so interesting to watch TV, fake lives set up to do exactly this to you, cause addiction and get ratings, at the benefit of the producers and at the stake of your sleep and productivity.

Once the TV is off, dog is walked, I turn off all electronics (except my alarm) and lay in bed with a fiction book. 1-2 chapters only, then I put it down and shut my eyes and await Mr Sandman.

Mat O Q.
i would try reading. i used to watch tv all the time before bed and it didn’t help my sleep at all but sitting down with a good book not only is better for you but also helps you sleep better.
Oneida P.
Read a graphic novel! It has many of the same elements of a TV show or movie, but won’t infect your eyes with blue light.
Eleut Rio O.
U should distract yourself with different activity. First, figure out your reason of watching tv, is it just for fulfilling your leisure time? A refreshing after work? Is it an activity that stronger your bond with your family by watching it together?. If watching tv isn’t really necessary, you should find a different alternative like how tea can replace coffee. By finding the reason of why you enjoy watching tv, do activity that can give you the same benefit as tv does. And as time progress by, start adding something beneficial in that activity. Or if you can’t leave watching tv, you can make watching tv a productive time by watching beneficial program. Lastly, are you really need to stop watching tv? Cause if you search for a rest after work, it’s okay to watch tv for some amount of time as long it doesnt’t disturb your work and your time with you family (it’s a reminder to myself though). Good luck!
La Ssa O.
Try finding a new habit. such as going for a walk/run. doing something you enjoy. for me i like to write or use my time in a way that will help me grow. so just think about things that interest you that would help you improve and try doing those things when you feel an urge to watch tv.
Serpil F.
Remove the Tv from your bedroom, listen some podcasts, read motivational stuff, make a routine for the evening or watch documentaries and other interesting stuff by connecting your laptop to your tv.
Evan U.
That is a pretty personal choice, in my opinion. I would start with this: why do we watch TV? I watch TV to pass the time and be entertained and avoid doing something less fun like studying or finances or errands, etc.
Once you identify your personal reasons for watching TV, find another activity that is equal to that reason. For example, if you watch TV for excitement, try a learning a new sport or a hike instead. If you watch TV to relax, take a yoga or dance class instead. If you like to learn, you can always choose a hobby like chess or knitting or cooking or art. There are so many options! If you don’t know what to choose, start with the most intriguing and widely available (whatever is easiest to do for you) and start there.
Karl J.
There are certain television programs that can provide inspiration, engagement, and positive emotional response. But while I experience benefits to consuming creative work, there’s a lot of empowerment to be found in generating creative work. Writing, playing an instrument, making art, playing role-playing games are all ways to turn the perspective and personal role from one of consumption (in a consumer and commodity driven society) to one of creation.
Liva C.
I’m learning Spanish online in the evening and then I read. Also get food, clothes etc ready for the next day.
No time for TV
Noelle Q.
If you live with other people, encourage them to also limit TV time by playing some board games! My family would have scrabble games that could go on for hours and I didn’t miss the TV once. If that’s not available to you, perhaps pick up some sort of craft to occupy the time instead. Or you could try listening to podcasts, or perhaps a new album you’ve never thought to listen to before. The possibilities are endless, you just have to be willing to try some new things 🙂
Louisa P.
If you have any other things to do without electronics then definitely try those things out in this time like for me I finish some books I been trying to read, draw, do yoga etc.
Francis J.
If you really struggle to stop yourself watching tv you could start to make a positive change by changing what you watch. Maybe watch something educational or inspiring.
Dylan W.
Use that time to meal prep for the next day, spend quality play time with kids, or initiate a low intensity flexibility/exercise routine
Abby Q.
This is an interesting question because I sometimes find myself wanting to stay up late and watch everything on Netflix or those late night talk shows. However I am trying to get a better nights rest so I have made some changes.

1) Take the tv out of your bedroom. The bed should only be for rest and Intimacy.
2) Give yourself a bedtime routine. A light workout, bath, lotion, and read a light book, meditation for 10 minutes and then sleep. This was just one example.
3) Meditation before bed.
4) No food after dinner time.
5) You can always DVR your favorite late night shows and watch at an early time. I love watching The Daily Show in the morning for the laughs and a bit of news.

After a few nights of your own “non tv routine” and a full nights rest you might see a positive change in your mornings. A little more focus on the day ahead, and maybe a little less aggressive or irritable at work. Just remember one thing: everyone is different so every routine is different. Do what’s best for you and what you are comfortable with. I hope this helps or inspired some ideas for you.

Debbie T.
How do I disconnect &I unplug but then finish my nightly routine? I use the app for the timers on the rest of my routine.
Jeanne N.
I also watch TV at night and I need to stop but people close to me have said to read a book for about 30 minutes and you will fall right asleep.
Victor C.
Ummmmmmmm do something other than watch TV you are constantly watching TV that is a problem SO THATSsomething that needs to stop. Do something constructive like read a book or exercise or cook not sit around watching the channels go by get up and do something active.
Hatice O.
Start by eating dinner at the table with TV off as first baby step. Go for short bike/walk around neighborhood right before /after dinner. Then call a friend on telephone or read a book. Write about yr day, your thoughts, your plans in a journal.
Get Lio C.
My best tip for this is to find a good audio book app and listen to something educational or fiction and maybe do it while taking walks or just for relaxation
Linda J.
Take a power nap. Hit the gym thereafter or catch up with friends. Make dinner, finish laptop work for the day and read a book for 30-40mins.
Victoria W.
Read a book. Books are an incredible tool to broaden your world and increase your knowledge of anything you are interested in. In any case it is better than getting your knowledge off of biased news channels, and overexaggerated articles.
Sasha W.
Take a walk to reflect on your day, play an instrument, or paint. Do something that disconnects you from distraction but also centers your heart space.
Kristin Q.
I like to read, color adult coloring books, sudoku, and watch documentaries that are educational (I known this is TV time but you are learning), and lastly stretch and meditate.
Harvey U.
I like to read books or articles, play solitaire or some other relaxing game. Also, adult coloring books are a nice relaxing hobby to do in the evening or before bed.
Chloe F.
Read some books that are just as thrilling as a show or movie. You can’t expect yourself to commit to something unless it’s interesting to you. I’ve had a massive habit of watching tv every night before bed. But having an exciting adventurous book is just the same and it’s actually better for you! Also meditate before bed and you’ll go to sleep soundly!
Louanne Y.
I am dealing with that same problem too. I would first become aware how much TV I’m watching and ask myself if it’s a justifiable amount and/or if the quality of television aligns with my values. Oftentimes, it is not. So, I would forgive myself for my past actions, accept the truth and then ask myself what my new baseline is for quality and quantity. I would then treat my efforts like an experiment which helps stay both curious and objective during the process. Fortunately, for me Game of Thrones is over and I’m over TV.
Alan U.
Good question. I just have started doing this myself. I try to do a couple things like laundry or cleaning, like chores so that my weekends can be more free. I cook more now, I also take time to meditate and also have a leisurely bedtime routine.
Suzana Q.
Maybe pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read for a while now. Or another option would be to sleep earlier instead of watching T.V. I’m quite a religious person, so maybe try to seek out the Lord and have a relationship with him. Give Jesus Christ a try and I promise you, you will not regret it.
Hellmut U.
You could read instead. Or play a board game with family & friends. You could do some yoga. Or study important subjects. Or take up a new hobby like playing an instrument
Elsie O.
I’m trying to solve this issue as well. What I have done and found is that evening walks are becoming my favorite. I typically do this around 7:30pm when it’s still light-depending on where you live it could be different. If I’m not with someone, I listen to a favorite album or podcast on a personal development characteristic that I happen to be mindful of currently.
Giuliana N.
Firstly make sure your TV isn’t in the same room you sleep in (if you can). The blue light keeps you awake and disrupts sleep. How about learning a language on Duolingo or taking a walk outside?
Katharine G.
Usually we watch tv in bed because we want to disconnect , relax and fall asleep quickly. I don't have Tv at home (personal choice) but i have netflix. Sometimes i bring my ipad to bed to watch tv series and fall asleep, but thats not my favorite way to turn my brain off. This is my favorite way: to drink a herbal tea, make my bed super comfy, cuddle with my cat and listen to good soothing music from my phone or a interesting podcast. Sometimes i read a book. But definitely cutting visuals through a shiny screen and selecting what i want to absorb before going into dream state feels a lot healthier and right to me.
Ian Z.
Take a walk around the neighborhood. Neighbors are too often unfamiliar with each other. Walking around the neighborhood brings you closer to other people and quickly becomes the highlight of your day. So many things can open up to you when you take the time to get to know people around you. Really listen to your neighbors answer when you ask how they are doing. And you get exercise to top it off.
Leah F.
grocery shop for dinner, learn to cook, cook fam dinners, walk dog, exercise, learn guitar, sing & dance, tahitian, reconnect w/friends & all hawaiian fam, get back to my heritage-retrace my roots, golf, moms houseboat on river, go for bike ride, ptherapy, study/practice how to walk a 10'longboard, SELF CARE regimines, practice mindfulness & yoga & meditate CONSTANTLY t/o ea DAILY, homework from therapy, draw a bath, get a new hobby, play w/kainoa, etc.
Ellen U.
Do not have a television in your bedroom, or have a curfew of definitely no tv at a certain time. Or replace it with a good book or audiobook.
Armand Q.
Read. Paper books or Kindle app with night shift display setting and black background. Learn something by taking free online course. Sleep for 8 hours each night.
Nicole U.
Reading is a great way to unwind of an evening. It could be self improvement, developing an expertise in an area you are interested in or even learning a new skill.

I like listening to audio books but radio plays or radio talk shows are nice to listen to of an evening also.

Watching too much tv of an evening not only gives your mind less to think about but blue light from things like the TV will agitate your mind and prevent you from sleeping well

Christina Q.
There’s a LOT of things you can do!
1. Read a great book
2. Plan and cook an excellent dinner or healthful meal prep for the week
3. Catch up with friends and/or family
4. Draw, paint, watercolor or color in an adult coloring book (therapeutic and fun!)
5. Do research on a topic you’ve always wanted to learn about
6. Meditate
7. Listen to music and/or dance
8.Take a walk outside
9. Tackle that To Do List like a pro football player
10. Practice your religion
11. Plan your next “Me Time” activity
12. Surprise your significant other with a date night out
13. Garden
14. Help your neighbor or local charity or church
15. Take up a new hobby

Who needs TV with all that?

Feliciano P.
You can read, garden, journal, play games with family, go for a walk, paint, whatever is fun and more productive than being a tv zombie. Any time I feel the need to turn on the tv I ask myself if there is something I am trying to avoid doing. If so why? Maybe I am just exhausted and can’t face doing anything else for the day, in that case I make an early night of it. The thing is to make a habit of doing something more productive and fun.
Charlie O.
Podcasts! I find them entertaining and motivational. Just imagine it’s a friend of yours talking. Practice being a good listener 🙂
Olivia B.
Practice an instrument. By practicing for even a short time nightly you will improve quickly. Progress is accelerated if you practice before bed because the information is fresh when your brain processes it while you sleep.
Manuela E.
Instead of watching tv there past couple of weeks I’ve been tidying up my place, reading, meditation, and/or journaling. I find that once I’ve done that, I’ve allowed myself to wind down and now I’m ready for bed!
Gilciane Q.
Pack the telly in a box and try to commit to not opening it for a few weeks. In the meantime, do some reading instead. After a few days once you have broken the habit you won’t even notice you miss it. First three days might be critical. Good luck 😎
Robert P.
Read a book, talk to your partner or a friend, go for a walk, take up a hobby (knit, crochet, draw, exercise), do a crossword or a sudoku, sort out your things for the next day, plan your meals for the next week.
Amelia Q.
Start by shorten the time you use it until you gradually get rid of the habit. Or maybe have specific days in the week, where you don’t watch TV at night. This could be Sunday or Wednesday.
Francisca C.
Disconnect your cable. Only use streaming services and apply time limits. Go for a walk with a friend instead (or get a dog), start a class of some sort.
Gregor R.
You can read a book instead of the TV. It's even interesting and better experience to read popular TV shows like game of thrones. Or my second advice would be learning new language could be new fun instead of TV shows.
Douglas O.
I guess I should start meditation after dinner, so I can stay away from old habits and reset my mind for something else. I’d like to try reading, but that’s if I could focus. Maybe chess.