Do you put tour phone on airplane mode at night? Or ir can just be away from bed?

Avery Q.
Away from the bed not on airplane mode. I have a home alarm with motion detection that goes off in the night and I like to be able to check to see if it is a person or just a raccoon in the yard.
Ylenia Z.
I put it far from my bed and I have the night mode on so no one can disturb me from 11 pm to 8 am.. no messages,, no calls,, nothing!
Rose N.
When i have a deaďline i prefer to turn it on as long as i'll do it, bit if i don't have any plan just in the disturb mode not airplane mode hehe
Emily R.
I just put it away from the bed but that's just me. My fiance puts his phone on do not disturb. In my opinion, It just depends on the apps you have that will go off frequently or how easily you wake up. Usually i put my phone on silent and face down so it doesn't disturb me.
Emma Y.
I have my pohne on bed. I know that it is not good, but I have my alarm on him, so i need to have him near me. It is sometimes distracting and I hate having him near me, but what can I do.
Ozge X.
I put it away from the bed and stop its connection with internet so that it can ring during Emergency but not give sound with a midnight message
Maria U.
I actually turn it off – so that it can fast charge. It is close to the bed. I use my smart watch as my alarm to wake up.
Nai Z.
I keep my phone away from the bed without airplane mode. For me I have people who might need me early in the morning so I try to stay available for them. If you find yourself bombarded by messages or notifications I would suggest simply silencing your phone.
Chris C.
I personally just put my phone on the Do Not Disturb setting but airplane mode works just as well to help you with sleeping.