What do you do when you talk to others who stay up late and you’re fearful that f missing out.

Francyelle N.
I no loner talk to people before I go to sleep. I close my eyes and I tell myself how my day went. I start out loud and watch my breathing. If i panic and open my eyes or start dreading something, then I immediately go back to where I stopped my story and start talking about my day again. I find my dreams are more peaceful this way. I also say nice things about myself and congratulate myself for completing healthy habits. It's like a silver ling review.
Kaitlin U.
Sometimes I feel I should “live more” and be like my friends who stay up all night on social media. But I realized that those are the people that struggle with the most depression. During this quarantine time they are depressed and unproductive. I have learned that having a routine increases productivity and happiness
Kiara U.
I think about how lack of sleep might affect the activities that really matter to me the next day. In the end those people tend to not have the same goals and desires as I do so following their lead never gets me near where I want to be. Often times I reluctantly say good night and honestly no one has ever complained.
Larry C.
I ask myself why i want to sleep early and commit to my goals why I want to sleep early. Also I express what I feel, making the feeling less big because expression helps you to undo the trigger you are experiencing 😉 also I reflect on what it gives them to stay up late and ask myself does it help them in their life?
Perry R.
I have the exact same fear. I would stay up til all hours of the night talking to a person until the went to bed so I wouldn’t “miss out” on anything. But in reality, I wasn’t missing out on much. I’ve learned now that I should make decision that’s benefit me. I’m not missing out on anything that isn’t for me. You could try staying up late and talking to the person and see what it’s like or you could just continue to go to sleep. Nothing happens in the middle of the night anyways 🤷🏼‍♀️