If I want to sleep for example at midnight, when is the best time to disconnect and close my notifications in your experience/opinion?

Esme F.
I think 2 to 3 hours before is a good time. If that sounds like too much you should ease into it starting with 30mins or an hour.

Giovana Q.
I also sleep at midnight. in my experience I start to wind down around 11:00. if whatever I'm doing happens to take longer I try to get it done by 11:30 at the latest. since I'm a student and have a lot of homework, my "wind-down" time is getting ready for bed. (I don't really have time to sit and read a book for fun) my night time routine is about 30 minutes so that's the perfect time for me to be disconnected long enough for me to get ready for sleep. I try to disconnect by 11 because I know it takes a while for me to actually fall asleep. so by disconnecting at 11 I finish getting ready for bed by 11:30 (which is the 30 minutes of being disconnected) and then I have time to sit in the dark and relax before actually falling asleep by midnight

Lke N.
I'd suggest 11.30 at latest. This will give you time to slow down, stop thinking about everything else and get into the mood for sleep. Half an hour should be enough to finalise any extras you have and get into the flow of sleep routine. That's how I try to do it and seems to be working for me. Hope it helps.

Angela A.
It is scientifically proven that you shouldn't be on technology right before bed. So an hour or two before actually going to bed.

Signe U.
I usually try disconnect at least one hour before going to sleep. This gives me time to meditate and read, which helps me fall asleep much more easier.

Nora T.
Probably 30min prior, if you have things going on in your socials . But if you don't care that much, it's okay to disconnect at least 1 hour prior.