Do you have any tips on how to stay focused when you have to use your phone/computer for school work?

Karen L.
Very simple but not that easy (at least for me). Turn off your social media. You must set priorities.. what's more useful? To procrastinate and be distracted until after deadline or to focus and be productive and have everything done? So…clean your workspace, clean yourself and maybe even get ready so you feel like doing business( I do my hair and dress up into jeans or dress instead of sweatpants)have a good room temperature, not too cold and not too hot, log off every distracting app (I have to UNINSTALL the Instagram, for example) have a glass of water at reach. And think off how you'll treat yourself when you have everything done. You can do it!
Hadeel D.
I think the most important thing to turn off your account on social media.
Also don't show your self online and don't answer any call or message.