Yeahhh how does one start i am always in middle of something when alarm rings to disconnect and unplup

Luke Q.
I split my everyday to-dos in another app. and I put my absolute items (and wanted next habits) – slowly into Fabulous. I let myself fail sometimes – well because stuff happens. I look at Fabulous as a promise to myself to progress day-by-day, but perfection is not the goal.

Atika E.
Switch on and alarm start to remind you to disconnect the phone from WiFi . And if battery is fully charged thanp
Unplug it
This is the solution for this
Thanks for asking
I like this question.

Andreias E.
I usually try to wrap up whatever I have to do on the internet earlier in the day. If I am texting people I let them know that I’m going to bed early and then I put my phone on airplane mode so that I don’t feel tempted to continue chatting. Some nights if I am working late, I have to start my evening routine later than normal.

Kala O.
When you're done with using your phone, plug it in across the room with your alarm on so you weren't tempted to pick it up again and when your alarm goes off in the morning you have to get up

Adam C.
Yeah it sucks to quit what you are doing but it's an investment into yourself to go to sleep at a healthy hour. Remind yourself that you are investing in yourself and the tomorrow you is going to thank you. So also remember to thank yourself in the morning for going to sleep sooner. That will make it easier to do it again.

Deepak X.
The best way is to just stop whatever you are doing. Everything can wait. Your health and well being comes first. If you are not well then you will never be able to do personal or professional work properly.
So, just unplug and take a good nap. It will revitalize you to be better the next day.