Do you disconnect all day?

Christina S.
I disconnect in the sense that on some weekends I will leave my phone away from me all day. But as far as mentally disconnecting, I dont do it as much as I used to. I have worked very hard the last 2 years to practice being more mindful and in the present moment and it has made a difference
Jannatul U.
Emm…no because I always have a group assignment during online class but I am trying to limit my time chatting with friends or cousin during evening, because I want to spend some more quality time with my family☺💜
Gri Q.
No, i don't. I reserve moment of disconnection from work or for distractions. Only on vacations i completely disconnect my Phone and tv
Alfred E.
Not all day. I make sure to connect intentionally for short periods in my day, instead of connecting based on wanting to be mindless/bored. I have turned off my notifications for a lot of apps, and that has definitely helped me disconnect more.
Christina U.
Disconnect for me means no personal email checks, text messages in lieu of phone calls, no social media and no games on my phone. Yes, completely disconnect all day. It gives me a sense of life.
Heather E.
Not all day but I have turned off my social media notifications and no longer have them on my phone. Not having them on has really changed my focus and attention towards things important in life.
Delfim S.
Sometimes I have days where I decide not to turn on the TV. Occasionally I decide to put my phone on silent. That way, I don't react to all the notifications. Most often, I disconnect all electronics at night so they won't interfere with sleep.
Anya N.
No, I only disconnect when I specifically choose to have a power hour of work, and I also disconnect when I go to bed (all night).
Thuja D.
No. But one day i would like to be able to. during the pandemic if find it particularly hard as tech is a life line for me. i do however try to par back tech use that I don't find life affirming. eg. e.g. social media scrolling, watching tv that lead me to just zone out, i think there is a a balence between shutting off completely and using things more mindful. like just because we might sometimes eat fast food doesn't mean we need to fast to be healthy. ya know?
Jane I.
No, i still use media for entertainment, but I'm learning to reduce my dependence on it. I'll get there. Reading books and art helps…
Annabelle Y.
No, in fact, I can’t really disconnet all day, because of school and work. I have to use my computer to complete my
homework and projects, but otherwise, I don’t use my cellphone to check social media or anything.
Zach P.
Having work during the day helps keep me off my phone for most of the day. I definitely do spend a good amount of time outside of work on my devices however. I have been disconnecting at least 30 mins before I go to sleep each night, replacing it with reading, playing with my cat, etc.