How do you overcome screen-addiction?

Riley Z.
I struggle with this too. The screen oftentimes relaxes me. It is a balance between using it to relax and getting myself to put it down when I have to. That is difficult sometimes.

Evel Cio W.
It's hard to overcome screen-addiction, but probably one of the best ways is by finding other activities that you like so much that you will even forget about the digital devices. In those days in which it is hard to find that motivation, what I try to do is to at least only look for the positive things and material that I can find online and ignore all the negative noise that the internet and social media can bring into our lifes

Ami Lyn E.
As of late I have been saying yes to playing broad games with my kids over absentmindedly scrolling through social media or binge watching tv

Christiaan P.
The first thing you have to realize, is that addiction is triggered by need of your body to be in balance, what ever the screen does, it unbalance your body, thats why you feel the need. Your body will react to tell tells or comment moments that you usual pick up the screen. It will unbalance you, so if you pick up the phone or screen your in balance again. How to get over it…… a strong will, to real quiet. Don't be to harsh on yourself. Minimize the moments you do look at the screen, and Remeber the need will be there max 20 min if you get lost in your mind it can stay for longer! Make a decision! And you will see that the need Faith's away! Look for distractions! Good luck

Mario F.
Just know what is useful things to do in your device and when use it ask yourself am I using it for something useful or not if it is useful keep going if it is not shut it down and don't use it

Christina N.
Ha! That’s a good one! I suppose the first step is to admit you have a problem ( I haven’t made it this far) but I might suggest scheduling your day so that you don’t really have time for screens unless your schedule it. And stick to it!

Alban Q.
You first have to recognize that it is a problem for you. Then look at times in your day where you can take moment and put your phone down and go do something else in place of scrolling endlessly, like reading a book. Another thing that is a good starter is to make timers for yourself, limit how much time you have. You have to do this slowly or you'll drive yourself crazy.

Sean Michael T.
Clearly I have not overcome this yet, but basically I reward myself after I’ve accomplished my to do list with a half hour of screen time. Otherwise I try to stay off the social media unless it’s to upload my daily insta post with my latest art. I still find myself getting distracted

Siena N.
I find it helpful to know what apps you’re using the most, and then figuring out which ones actually bring meaning to your life. If it’s just mindless scrolling, it’s not as worth it. For those apps, try setting a daily or weekly time limit for yourself – often you can do that in your phone settings. If there are apps that don’t have any positive impact on you, try deleting them, at least for a bit, to give yourself a break. You might initially find yourself wanting to use them, and you’ll probably have such a habit that you scroll to where it was and try to open the app, but that’s all it is – habit. You don’t actually need it. Deleting apps also makes more space on your phone for stuff you actually like! Photos, music, things that genuinely bring meaning for you. Good luck!

Arun I.
We anyway now know that prolonged use of mobile can cause insomnia and mobile emits em waves which causes brain tumour and mobile is of no use when u use it hours also I have installed action dash

Jo N.
Spending my time meeting up with friends & family. Face to face talking is always more fun.
Looking after my nephews who need time & attention.
All reminds me of positive emotions & healthier living

Barry U.
Here I am writing you an answer on a screen while you read it on a screen. I obviously have not mastered this yet, but recognize that there is a problem. How about you?

Tanya N.
It’s challenging at first. But you need to see just how being productive helps you and your mental health. When you sit in front of a screen all day you may feel sad and useless, also judge mental to yourself. But when moving around and getting off the devices you feel better about everything, and you will see improvements in your body. Eg: nice skin tone, vibrant hair, happy. Also to overcome this it’s important to go for the tv instead of YouTube as it’s further away and you have a realisation that’s there’s more than just a screen. A phone is close and distracts you from your surroundings but with a tv you can see around you.
I know that you can do this!

Elsa Z.
I have to force myself out of it. I am so glued to this thing I notice now subconsciously I will open up a social media app that I’m not even wanting to look at or needing to be on. It’s stifling actually it’s almost like I am addicted to feeling like I’m connecting to this little world I have built where almost everything I look at stimulates me in some way. It’s 24/7 entertainment and mental stimulation . Lights and sound and colors… evoking moods and molding opinions. Algorithms are connecting people with one another keeping me from seeming people I’m truly meant to see and putting me in the path of people that are going to distract me from my true purpose and calling. Internet also creates a situation of peer pressure where people will agree with things just to get attention from their favorite influencer.
Me I’m people I’ve been there and I am over it. Never doing that again catching myself everytime I do. I need discipline and I need reminders of how satisfying life is when lived off screen

Sandy C.
You can try using a timer and put in on for 15 minutes and in those 15 minutes, you can do what you want on your phone. Then when that time is up, you have to do something productive. Once you've done that, you can't go back to your phone until the hour is up. So, let's say it's 11:00 am and you had your 15 minute phone time, then you can't have another phone time till 12:00 pm. It should help you. Good luck.

No Mia Q.
You can't but you gotta fight it. It just all about practice.
You can start reading book to replace screen, I do it sometimes. Then you can focus on self care like skin care and hair therapy that you can easily do at home. You can always focus on cooking. Food can be a great getaway of most of the bad habits.

Aubree C.
I haven’t overcome it yet, but I am taking this challenge one day at a time. I set up a screen downtime on my phone at 9.45pm each night. I turn my phone upside down and tell myself not to reach out to check it again till the next morning. The following morning, I tell myself not to check my messages until I am done with my morning meditation, and bathroom duties. I still get tempted sometimes but I know I will overcome it. Then I will set another goal for myself later.

Maximino P.
There's this app I use, called forest. You choose s tree to plant and a time it take to plant it, and then you have to kill your tree to use other apps. Being a person with high empathy, I can't bring myself to kill the tree.

Loane F.
I look for the function of the screen watching behaviour and find a replacement functional behaviour instead . Let's attention maintained behaviour I will look for other behaviour to access that reinforcer (attention) or maybe automatically maintained behaviour then I will look for another behaviour to compete could be reading or looking at a photo album and so on..

Terrance U.
Have someone lock away all your screens and take you out to meet different friends every night to replace your Social Media connections with in person connections.

Casey O.
In all honesty; I think it’s important to create some of these healthy habits; once they become second nature you are already being distracted by some positive life changes that don’t happen over night but will in time become a new healthy version of yourself when you learn to appreciate the time you have outside of the screen; everything is good in moderation but when it becomes a distraction when it shouldn’t is the problem right? Be it family friends or work or even just generally live activities…

Mathias N.
I find it very difficult to be honest. I try to just leave my phone in my bedroom when I'm in the living room, or to turn my phone off all together when l'm relaxing. That's the only way I can't really grab my phone. But I notice I still find it hard to put my phone away when I have it in my hands.. it's like woops 1 hour later lol. I'm trying!

Erin G.
This is a tough one. I meditate. Argue with myself on the pros and cons of using it. I be honest with myself and do something else that I enjoy doing, like reading or art

Cesarina T.
I’m just stay with my boyfriend he is magic and I don’t need to be with the screen, he makes me very happy and I love him for different reasons, I don’t imagine my life without Him ❤️

Radu T.
It is hard, i fall in its trap plently of times too. It is certainly not a thing to be embarrassed about, so do not hate yourself for that. There are plenty of ways to overcome this 21th century addiction:
-beware of your crave for technology, when you encounter it just stop and try to analyze what you're feeling. Meditate over those feelings
-you must admit that maybe you are overdoing certain activities and you need change something in order not to be regretful every night you go to sleep. Face this fact, you need to let go your ego.
-write down the good old list of task/to do list. Think consciously about how an ideal day would look like for you, keep that list and put it somewhere you see it everyday. Remind your endangered self of the trap using your conscious self.
– you can even use some sort of o conditioning, using a rubber band on your hand or a dollar jar every time you break your rules. That way your subconscious learns too.

Ryan E.
I’m still working on it tbh. Not easy in my line of work where I rely on my phone.

On weekends though, messenger goes on ‘do not disturb’ mode and phone goes out of sight