I’m at work. And how can I keep this disconnect habit.. as I have to stay awake till 1:00am

Ann N.
Work is external factor that you can’t control. You can only control what you can do. You can show you commitment to your bed routine after finishing work. The reason for disconnecting electronic device is that we will not be affected by the electronic wave when sleeping next to them. Therefore no matter working late or not, if you turn the device off before sleep that mean you have completed the goal.

Leonard P.
I think you can try an app called forest. That app is helping me when I'm studying to keep me undisturbed. What did It do was simply make you can't open any apps that can distract you from your work. And you can alway choose important apps to be unlocked

K The X.
If you have to do work, do work. I think the disconnect habits more about screen time that is a mindless filler. Staying awake shouldn't be dependent on a screen. You can stand up and stretch, drink cold water or hot tea, read a book or listen to an audio book or podcast that interests you. Physicality is important and that's what you want when you commit to less screen time. How about a creative outlet, drawing, knitting, writing with pen and ink. Also if you are well rested you could meditate or simply sit and notice things, its amazing g what we can learn about ourselves when we take the phone out of the picture. Good luck!!!

Sam C.
If I getting right you want to keep awake at work without using your smartphone, best way is try to make a object in your mind, think about it, assemble it, analyze it and… By using this method you're mind experience a success and realize rewarding hormones that keep you awake, expanding your imagination and making your mind ready for thinking about new ideas about everything. I hope that helps you. If you like it please let me know.
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