How can I stop scrolling on Facebook too much? I don’t want to close the account as it is too useful

Juan E.
Useful how? Mine was useful in two ways, fb marketplace for purging and other sites that encouraged simplicity. I created another fb page and friended myself. Then I joined all the market places and the encouraging sites. I told my bestie so we became friends and then I deleted my actual fb. I only use the alter ego one. I am still purging and I get encouragement. No drama and no mindless scrolling for hrs
Michelle N.
Set yourself a time limit, allow yourself space to scroll through social media without it interrupting time with loved ones.
Gilberto Y.
Signing out and having the app not remembering me works ok to keep some control in my case. Deleting the app from the phone could be an option and maybe just checking it less often from the browser, maybe set up a time and/or date. Using that time for something more valuable instead of fb is worth it. I am still working on it myself. Good luck!
Sheila C.
The best way is to delete social media apps from your phone. If you want to use them, you have to go into the websites (which you can do from your phone) buy not having the app has helped to reduce my time for sure
Mahmuda N.
When you are working sit on your desk and throw your phone out of you area so that you cannot take you phone when you’re working