What is the best way you find to disconnect & unplug?

Carl P.
The best way to disconnect is to keep your phone away and take a walk or carry out a hobby that needs care, focus and heart 🙂
Tyece F.
My best way to disconnect is through exercise. I love taking long hot showers, cooking, medicating when I have the patience to, and listening to soft classical piano music, lo-fi beats, and the rain. Thank you spotify☺
Melissa P.
I have to keep my phone nearby for possible emergencies, so what I do is plug it in, and put it face down. Then I grab a book and turn away from the nightstand. This helps me forget about my phone!
Siti U.
I think the best way for me to disconnect particularly from social media like Facebooks, Twitter and Instagram is by removing the apps from my phone. It really helped me from always spending time scrolling through unbeneficial feeds that gave me nothing other than heavy feeling likes unworthiness and jealous.
Joy N.
Turning off my phone 📱 and paying attention to the big task that needs urgent attend. I also look at the end result of completing homework he task.
Tristan Y.
I would journal about my emotions and how life's going and sometimes I hang out with my friends or my family. Also trying small hobbies like drawing, coloring and even just taking a walk helps.
Erin J.
Preparation, if I make sure before I start my bedtime routine that I've dealt with any remaining business and make sure I've already found an audio book I'm ready to settle into.
Bendavid E.
Literal disconnection in the sense of being offline starts fairly easy by just leaving my phone in another room, or not even taking it with me at all. In the sense of disconnecting from the daily grind I find it helps me to go outside, be in nature or with people I enjoy spending time with. Of course a no-phone rule is still important here.
Dan Q.
During the day it would be contact with nature – walk with my dog in the forest, listening to birds chirping. Playing with my dog also does the job. Watching movies with my husband is another great thing. And definitely gardening 😍