How long before bed do you stop using technology like your phone or TV

Fernanda S.
At least an hour before, but preferably a bit longer. It really depends what needs to be done in the evening when I shut down those devices
Dennis E.
I should probably stop using it even earlier, but I stop using technology 20 minutes before going to bed. This is only because I use my phone in my guided meditations before bed.
Julie B.
I really don’t watch TV much except for weekends. My phone I make sure I am off my phone half hour before I plan to go to bed
Grete C.
I don’t. There are too many things that are too important to remember that I forget with out the reminders. Like my meds. I also use it to meditate before bed. It is highly impractical for me to stop using technology in the evenings.
Charlene E.
Try to read and draw instead of using technology. Try to turn off you're phone half an hour before you go to bed. if you use it during the night then try plugging it in further away from your bed, this way you will be less tempted to use your phone