I want to know how I can limit my daughter’s device usage, too.

Kasper C.
Try thinking of ways that she can earn the time. Consider asking her to do a certain number of chores around the house beforehand, or ensure she plays outside or with other toys before she gets a timed amount of tablet. Maybe go for a walk together. Either way, we set Alexa for our son so he knows when to get off.
Stacy I.
Maybe you could do something together before her bed time so that she forgets about her gadgets. Try to think what you both enjoy doing and go for it! Reading a book would be a great option but the book must be interesting for you both! Good luck!
Cassandra U.
Create family time, try making a box type holder that allows you to create a time on when all phones go in the holder and when they come out. This allows you to have the family time you want, the kids won’t listen if they don’t have a leader show them that you’ll follow the rules as well and they will be sure to listen and participate in the family time. This could be a day trip or a movie night, Dinner time, or just simply getting the family together and have a game night. Be sure to listen on what they want to do as well.
Magarete F.
You can use your daughter’s device to download “Kidslox” or similar application and pair your mobile. Your mobile as parent controller can monitor and limit your daughter’s device usage (social media, game and internet)