How do i stop myself from watching tv or tik tok all night?

Roy C.
Make yourself go do something else, it might be something productive or just getting some water but the trick is when you get up you need to close the app, lock your phone, and put it down.
Eloane G.
easier than it is, but delete social media. or have a friend create a screen time password so you can’t overpass it when you feel like it. it’s been so helpful for me
Guenter U.
try substituting those habits with more productive ones, like, meditating or doing something that u equally enjoy and it’s beneficial for yourself
Kayla E.
You could try to make a routine so still allow yourself time to watch tv but try and set a time limit to it and try your hardest to stick it might help by setting timers or alarms to stick to or you could try and find certain apps that might help you could also set a screen time limit so have your phone disable those things when it gets to a certain time so you won’t be tempted to stay up
Francis O.
Just relax yourself and turn off your phone and think about how your day was, and think of new possibilities the next day will bring and gradually you'd see how wonderful your life is.
Alexandra N.
If you can't restrict yourself from watching tiktok or Tv all night, limit your tiktok use with Digital Balance settings on your phone. If you think its an addiction growing rapidly, uninstall tiktok for your own good. You don't gain anything else than just a false feeling of entertainment along with lost hours of sleep and productivity in the morning.
Ella W.
I realised the other day that whenever I’m bored or I have a few minutes to myself or at night when I get my me time I’m always on my phone. I started making a conscious effort to stop doing that when I realise I’m doing it and do something like read a book or go for a walk or just spend a few minutes off my phone thinking. It’s ironic that I’m talking about getting off of my phone whilst I’m typing this on my phone.
Pablo Z.
I really didn't need to stop myself from watchinf tv or tik tok because i have been reading books for a long time and i have a personal librey at home with over 200 books
Lyam E.
Find a good book or newspaper article/cartoons/games and really try to put yourself to enjoying something other than your phone that is made to be glued to you
Minna T.
Find something you like to do for fun instead of being on your phone .you can also stretch or meditate it’s helpful.take a nap while phone is on dnd .
Darius O.
Just don't install them in the first place. Or don't buy them. Huhuhuhuhu and for tv, Watch them only with family together so it won't be as binging.