What do you do to a phone call you’d rather not answer?

Quírio Jesus
Well it depends on the situation. If it’s from a non-business related person that I simply don’t have the energy to deal with, I will usually abort the incoming call and send a text message right back indicating when a better time would be.

If it’s from someone that I would rather not talk to, or feel the urge to avoid, I would text them back and say something like: “I am tending to my self-care right now. And feel like it would be better for us to talk when I feel more centered. If you could honor that by sending me an email or a letter instead, I would greatly appreciate it.”

Then, I will try to examine why I feel the urge to avoid this person. And get myself sorted out first.

Also, it can also help reduce tensions when people are given the opportunity to write down their thoughts. So the invitation of an email exchange is helpful in that regard.

Above all, I always aim for 100% honesty. And try to do so in a way that honors the others person’s humanity and feelings.

Adèle Gauthier
I don’t answer it unless it’s my duty to answer.

I don’t answer if I don’t have the emotional fortitude to answer.

I let it go to voicemail. If it’s that important then they will immediately call again. If it is not urgent, but they desire a response then they will leave a message.