How do you check of the habits while also disconnecting?

Michelle O.
Since I do have to eventually come back to report to this app that I achieved my goal, it’s a matter of saying to myself it’s ok that I leave my iPhone hanging or waiting for me to come back which I will eventually do. It’s ok to do a sudoku puzzle or read a chapter or pray or stretch or go to the bathroom, etc without touching my iPhone. After a period of time of doing something else, I come back and feel good that I was able to take some time away from my iPhone and/or other devices to do something I want or needed to do. Any time away, even a minute 😜, is progress of making a change in my life!
Vladim R X.
You can check off the habits the next morning. Just be sure you're really editing the previous day and not the current one. Another option is to limit the phone use only to check off the habits. Just make sure you set your phone to not emit blue light at night. iPhone can do it as part of Night shift settings, or use app called Twilight for Android. Similar free app for Windows or Mac is called f.lux.
Victoria U.
Just check it off the next day or check it off and put the phone down. A lot of times when you complete a routine fabulous will give you more things to look at, so I really like doing it in the morning
Michelle X.
I’ve rearranged the order of my habits so disconnect and unplug is my last thing to check off for the night. So the order of my habits are darker quieter cooler, gratitude, meditate and disconnect unplug.