How do you disconnect from YouTube especially at night. For me it works like watching TV series, so I seem to not be able to break up this habit lately.

Carmen P.
I use an app that I specify what other apps are a distraction. I set a time for it to alert me. This helps me. It has greatly reduced the time I spent on social media. I started with a longer allotment, but plan on reducing in small increments down the road.

Thomas Q.
I chose a nice fiction book and placed it next to my bed. Around 10:00 I move all my electronics to another room, get in bed and read. The book is nice enough to make me feel okay about letting go of Instagram, but not so interesting that it keeps me awake. Viola!

Sheryl F.
I am exactly the same I just think about how horrible it will be when I can't go to sleep and how tired I will be in the morning.

Don U.
I don't have my phone in my room at night. My bedroom is essentially a no devices zone. So with this practice i am able to break this habit.