Does Fabulous interfere with your disconnect habit?

Charlene E.
Not really, I check "done" all the activities that I do after I disconnect and then do them. Or if I forget to check them off, I do it the next day.
Eberardo Q.
Yes. I have to consciously remember to check the task before switching off for the night, it would be great if I could check the task the next day. In a morning I find it useful having fabulous as it motivates me to do the tasks.
Filippa N.
Good point. I didn't think of it. I just started using the app so didn't catch on this. But I'd say not so much so far. Naturally by the evening I have a tendency to disconnect, or at least not check my phone so often. By 9 or 9.30pm I put my phone in plane mode make sure I check all I need to check early on, including my games. That way I am not tempteby the time I switch off. Hope that helps.
Rasmus W.
It’s kinda contradictory to be ticking an app to say I’ve switched off. I ise it to remind me that this is the last digital thing i will look at tonight
Paloma E.
Sometimes it does and Sometimes it doesn’t interfere with my disconnect habit. It all depends on things like the weather outside, my mental trauma levels, my behavioral emotional management levels, my daily living activities schedules, my feelings,moods, it’s a lot o things but at the moment I’m kind of really directed to be a certain way while still living with my parents, they expect me to be showing them how much better off I will be without their constant nagging, contradicting , old fashioned ways of parenting me . I am really determined to show them that I can and will be 100 percent happy healthy safe independent for myself even when I don’t gel like it , I just have to be this way no matter what at all costs for myself whether I like it or not. It is about time I really started to live for myself and me and no one else even if I have to force myself. My parents and brother are not always going to be there for me and I have no right to expect them to be they have so many other things going on in their life as is and I need to be able to to do whatever it takes to do whatever it is that Manjeet wants to do for herself no matter what.
Clayton F.
I don't think it does. My last routine is a 8pm my evening routine. I'm able to put my phone down around 9 and bed at 11.
Lillian E.
Yes it reminds me what i have decided, in the busy life its easy to forget these small things. But fabulous ais always there.
Leo Q.
I feel like I’m using fabulous a a checklist tool. Because it keeps my goals in line for the day I don’t consider it to be using it like I did social media. I’m not actively commenting in groups. Simply using it more or less as a checklist I always have with me.
Kenzo Z.
I don’t think that it interferes with my disconnect habit. I like to read during my disconnect and Fabulous has letters tips that help me enforce the habits I am trying to form.
Katrine P.
Yes it does. Everytime that I want to disconnect from the world it comes with another letter or notification (or I remember that I forgot to tick a box). Just turned off all notifications and left my phone as it as 6:15PM so it cannot interfere much longer.