How do you deal with friends that are trying to contact you while you’re getting ready to fall asleep and disconnecting?

Laura E.
Usually I would just leave the messages till the next day and if they are calling I would disconnect from my wifi if I'm about to go to bed. However if I am about to unplug and take time for myself I would usually just ignore the texts and power off my phone until I'm comfortable to turn it back on, hope this help!
Nikki S.
lately i’ve started to care less about notifications i get on my phone unless obviously they are important so disconnecting is become really easy for me. my friends know how to contact me if it’s something serious so if they need me they’ll do just that
Kerry E.
Unless it’s really an emergency, switch off WiFi and put your phone on Airplane mode.

Just being honest helps, suggest the app to them.

B J.
I have my phone set to where it silences calls and texts past a certain time each night.
It helps me stay away from distractions, but on the days when my friends need me. I am there for them. It also depends on the friendship and conversation.
Felicia F.
I always answer their calls, in case its an emergency or someone needs help. If they call just to chat and i haven't spoken to them in a while, I stay talking til the conversation is done. If its a friend i speak to daily i try to keep it short and let them know im really tired and in bed. Really depends on whos calling and why.
Oscar P.
I am used to that. I’ve been living in another country for 5 years and also travelling to different places which implicates different time schedules so I am ok with it.
Royal C.
I am taking a book for a few mins, take away phone and then think that I’ll sleep more if I’ll go to sleep now and I’m going to sleep.
Marta Z.
Put the phone on airplane mode. Then you can reply if that causes anxiety, but you won't get their replies until the next day