How do you disconnect and unplug after a long stressful day?

Eva O.
Set specific time for electronics before you disconnect. Give yourself as much time as you think you need set a timer or alarm. If you have trouble prioritize which apps or articles and stick to the rule of 3. Choose your favorite 3

Dositeu Q.
After a long and stressful day I will disconnect by turning off my phone or at a minimum turning it on silent, turning off data and wifi and putting on music but not looking at my phone. I will maybe read, do some things around the house or do some personal grooming and take it as me time with no distractions.

Jeanne F.
When I first get home after a stressful day, I usually put on some comfy clothes and go on my phone or laptop. Once I go through my feeds and answer my texts/emails, I try to put my phone down and make some dinner. Going for a walk after dinner is also a really nice way to de-stress. You can also try reading a book or taking a shower to relax.

Brandie U.
My phone goes to "Bedtime" mode automatically at 8pm. I set my phone on a stand by my bed and unless an emergency, I don't connect again till my morning alarm.

Linda U.
Usually, I would end up watching Netflix for hours, but obviously this isn't the most productive idea. Recently I've started meditating, and I find it really relaxing. I would suggest giving it a try.

Christoffer A.
I tend to simply disconnect from all sorts of contact with other people whether it’s digital or not. I then spend time doing something which I find relaxing like reading, writing or writing music

Riley T.
I put my phone on to “do not disturb” mode. That way notifications don’t entice me to check my phone. I turn on some white noise, shut my phone down, and breathe deeply and actively think about clearing my mind. If thoughts creep in – that’s ok – I remind myself to focus on my breathing.