What can I do to reduce the need of using my phone at night? Any tips?

Kelly O.
When it’s getting close to the time to put my phone away for the night, I take some time to make sure I’ve done everything I need to do on it first. I check my email, respond to or send any messages needed, and check all of my notifications. Then I feel ready to put it away and I can move forward with my bedtime routine.
Marcus Z.
What i do is I answer all my messages, say good night to everyone i need to (like my friends and family) and then put my phone on Do Not Disturb. That way, i won't hear any notifications as my silent mode is off because of my alarm. Hope it helps!
Elise T.
I set it a rule to use it until 11 PM, and put it away (connect it to the charger on my piano at a corner of my room). If I forbid myself to use it at all at night, it's just too stressful and also I cannot get things that I have to do with my phone done. 11 PM (1 hour before my bedtime) is working great.
Ronnie C.
Close rhe phone, you can say after me: "I don't need the phone is not important to me i will close the phone now and after i can't use my phone until the morning"