I struggle sometimes to get off of Instagram once I’ve gotten hooked on the explore page. I know I should just put my phone down but my hand keeps scrolling even as I think about how many other things I could be doing. Advice for breaking the trance? Any help is appreciated!

Jeremiah J.
Well im still figuring out the same, i also struggle a lot to put my phone down but what helps is to have timelines to accomplish all my tasks, try it! It may work
Oliver G.
You should schedule specific time for it. For example, I am checking my Instagram only in the morning on my way to work. In addition, try to find what makes you happy and do it. This will make you real life more interesting then fake Insta-life of other people. Focus on yourself.
Bonnie W.
I don’t know if this will work because I did this with tumblr. But you can delete or deactivate your account. I hope this helps. Good luck!
Benjamin G.
Limit you app time on your phone. More importantly, make the mental shift with your phone as being a tool and not an entertainment device.
Monique A.
Once you’re there it’s almost too late – because it is designed to keep you engaged. Avoid that page altogether or set a timer on your phone to get off when you’ve decided enough time has been wasted.
Frederik G.
Yep! Use the screen time function on your phone and limit your social media, make sure to give the password to a friend though so you can’t deactivate it
Jeffery B.
I use any screen time management for my phone. I too have an issue with scrolling through my feed constantly. Using a time management app helps me to limit my time on social media.
Sean T.
As for me, I've deleted the Insta app conpletely. No more notifications and distractions. I am too lazy to go to the website on PC every now and then so that’s on a rare occasion. You would be surprised that I don’t have any social app on my phone right now.
Rosalyn S.
I struggle with that type of thing too. I find lately that acknowledging and reminding myself each time it happens that I’m actively distracting myself from the present does tend to help, even if momentarily, and I hope it’ll lead to more control against it in future.