How can I create a routine that doesn’t get boring willing time?

Noemie W.
I have aweek day routine and what I call a reward weekend routine that way I strive to achieve my weekdays t be rewarded on the weekend then I'm more relaxed and freshened up to start my week again

Greta N.
Hi! To me, it’s all about the things you know will make you feel great. For example, if you know that going out for a walk in the morning gives you energy for the whole day, then that step should be part of your routine! That can be anything, from drinking water over listening to podcasts or eating a delicious breakfast. As soon as you start getting a routine in the things you like, you can start adding things you maybe want to include but don’t like that much yet. Also, I don’t think that a routine has to stay the same continuously. Maybe after a few months you need a change, another order, adding a new step, changing an old one. That’s a good thing! You can totally use it to improve your old routine, and as a benefit you don’t get bored:) although I think you should stay true to the things that are most important to you.

Nadine N.
I would say starting small and adjusting as you go along would work, that way you keep things exciting and you settle in your routine.

Janice Z.
i also deal with this problem. the mindset is really important, it’s like you need to learn how to enjoy these little things. it’s not that easy. but the great thing is to think about why you are doing this while practicing your routine. what are the reasons to do it ?you want to be healthier or more efficient ? try to imagine the result of your work and maybe it will give you that bit of motivation and make it less boring.

Htoo U.
Add some free time in there, so you could go to the mall, cycling, hiking and more. Add your routine normal but add at least 2hours of free time. Time is Money.

Galilea N.
Well here’s the thing, when we do something Boring we don’t do it. So you should make your routine in a way that it’s fun for you, and according to your schedule

Babette O.
Create a flexible routine! For example: i want to eat a breakfast that contains enough protein, but I don't eat the same everyday. I also sport every morning, but i don't do the same workout everyday. At night i need to do something without phone or televisie to disconect before sleeping, so sometimes i puzzle and sometimes i read. Works for me! Good luck 🙂

Fanny T.
I think that if you add little things to your routine that would make you enjoy it more,you'd be less likely to become bored
for example I listen to music while doing my routine and I quite enjoy it
you could listen to a podcast or something like that
even though the routine is…well…the same,listening to different podcasts or music will being a bit of difference and/or excitement to it

Alfred W.
Whatever you do.. do it with full inetrest and also make a friend join you in the habit so you do not get bored. Love Yourself!

Mathias G.
You should begin slowly and add just a few tasks ( 2 or 3) then after a couple days, add more tasks and than more and more. Keep on going like this and you will enjoy every day more and more. Good journey

Lic Z.
It will, it's only natural and not even bad. Consider it as an opporunity to inform yourself that you need something fresh to do. Check if you still automatically do the boring one without help of an app. Is this old one a routine already, or does it need reinforcement? If reinforcement is needed you might want to change time and/or means to fulfill a goal- an approach, an angle to a problem.

Meghna G.
Create a routine that is the same but different. For example, you can add a “workout” time to your morning routine, and do a different workout every day.

Prisca B.
I think the only way to have a routine that you won't be bored with is to change it up once in a while. For example: if you want to create a habit on working out couple of days in a week, then you can switch it up by having some days to train your legs, arms, full body, cardio etc.

Trisha N.
A routine is not always a happy or joyful thing to do. In fact, I had to force myself, or find motivation in myself or others in order to complete them. Although, one thing is for sure, is that my routine will always a gain for myself. If it’s a lose for you, why bother putting it on your routine? My thought or my motivation to finish my routine is the idea of making the best of myself. Is the thought of “being better,” that this routine will make me a better person.

Marie N.
Jdi na to pomalu, nenech se odradit pokušením a sáhnout po telefonu po 9. hodině, nebo jíst čokoládu atd. Jestli si doopravdy přeješ samu sebe změnit, tak se tak to dokážeš jestli ne, tak ti s tím nikdo nepomůže. Musíš si z toho udělat "hru" kterou hraješ sám a na koci jsi sám vítězem.

D Cio N.
TLDR: make it so you have to work for your reward so you have more motivation to do your routine and add your hobbies to your daily life! Make sure your routine isn't "get up, work, prepare for bed, sleep" every day, make sure to take a break and look after yourself!

I Think a more interesting and less boring routine would consist of your interests and hobbies. For example, I use my hobbies to motivate me to prepare for the day. I love riding my bike so I'll get up early, eat breakfast and stay hydrated, take a shower, clean my room and head out. The fun of riding my bike is blocked by those routines (cleaning, and getting ready for the day) so having to do those to get a reward makes it more interesting and motivational to me! And I have one for art too, before I can draw I need to clean and study and do school work. And since I'm motivated to get to the fun part, it makes me alot more productive with work, and I may do alot better in school!

Phodiso Z.
Do things that do not limit you even though it may have limits then you should be able to think around those limits and make best of your own personalized routine and that will just .ake it better than before

Ava O.
Create a routine that will get you out of your comfort zone. Something new is always exiting and it doesn’t hurt to also add things you enjoy doing into the routine. Routines are meant to get you used to doing something without having to be reminded anymore. If you’re doing something that makes you feel good and help’s you grow then your sure to want to continue doing it more often without realizing.

Sreelakshmi Z.
Shake Up Your Boring Routine Regularly…..
Dance Like No One's Watching. …
Sing in the Shower. …
Make a time for you….
Take breaks 😃

Seren X.
You could do things you like. If its boring for you, try something different. You will find the best section what suits you better 🙂

Rio U.
Try to make your routine different every day. Either by switching up what you do, or just by taking small breaks in between!

Leila R.
Maybe try adding steps to your routine that have options within them so you (sort of) are able to change parts and also add some little things that you enjoy doing!

Megan N.
Find different ways of doing the same tasks, switch up breakfasts, do a different exercise, go for a walk somewhere new. Keep switching things up to avoid getting bored

Ros Ria P.
Just create a routine with things that you know you’ll do, and don’t add things that you think you need but you don’t feel like doing them

Siya F.
Hmmm… Ok so my routine is also boring but Still I'll try to give you best ideas…
So first of all wake up Early in the morning it really feels good… First thing after brushing drink water, while drinking think some good good things about you…
Then take a shower and feel fresh… If you study then, then do some learning after shower… Then after 1 hour of studying take a 15 min break in which you can listen songs or go take some fresh air out… After routine you decide…. Make sure if you do exercise then do it daily without any gap…. And do it before taking shower… Listen songs it is very interesting….I this help you
#Good luck

Lucas F.
First of all, for creating a routine you need to choose habits that you really like and motivates you and actually impulses you to move forward and wanna go beyond. You may also can choose habits that you haven’t tried before, breaking your everyday routine and challenge you. For not getting bored with your new routine it totally depends on you, well, you are the one that sets your own goals, the only one who can decide witch direction to take, or if you want to level up your routines constantly. Your routines do not have to depend on anything or anyone to be entertaining, they depend only on you.

Signe F.
do things that you like, do not just find a routine on internet that others like. crate one for yourself that works towards your goals, and works for u. if u want u can have one for different days or that you have multiple choice on what your gonna do.

Reha X.
Keep your routine basic and simple but for one to two hours everyday in your routine whenever u feel the most bored or most unmotivated add a activity you enjoy a lot it could even be gaming or dancing anything that motivates to finish your goals throughout the day

Willow O.
I mean, that really depends on how driven you are. I have been doing the same routine for a while now, but every time I complete it, the satisfaction brings me joy.