Yes! What have you replaced phone time with? Has it worked?

R P.
Just giving myself a second to breathe. My whole day – between work and school – involves sitting in front of a screen. So it’s nice when I can just put my phone on do not disturb, steep my favourite tea and put on a eucalyptus candle. I spend the time either tidying my room (I feel like I always feel less stressed after cleaning my room? My head also feels a lot less cluttered). Or I spend the time with my mom.

I definitely get addicted to using my phone, just like a lot of people. But doing this for myself, even if it’s a couple hours out of the day, feels amazing.


Charlie O.
I've replaced phone time with walking, reading and project completion. I use scroll time as a reward for achieving goals.

Allegra N.
Reading physical books, gardening, playing with my cat. Going on walks. Having a quiet tea drink before bed. Decluttering my apartment. I just have so much more time when I’m not on my phone. 🙂

Pru C.
I didn't need to use my phone less, I needed to use it for the right things like keeping up with friends and managing my calendar. It's important to switch it off at night, or leave it in another room though so you don't look at it if you happen to wake up at night and get distracted by work emails/ social media.

Gina J.
I’ve replaced phone time with reading, writing, exercising, listening to music and sometimes just sitting still. When I feel like I’m looking on my phone too long or too much, I do one of the things I’ve listed. I’m trying to be more productive and effective with my time and not waste time scrolling on my phone. I do use my phone for my daily bible devotionals. So I don’t count that as wasted phone time. I’m more cognizant of trying to practice positive habits and do things toward realizing my dreams and not wasting time scrolling on my phone.

Sarah R.
I am in process. I know I am still on my phone more than I would like. BUT have watched NO tv. We have family dinners, play games, go to bed early to read.

Amber J.
I’m not sure it has been completely replaced. I find doing activities with or talking to my family members and friends helps a lot, though I still use my phone to show pictures of cool things and such.

Ceri N.
ermmm.. listening to audibooks. I like it cos its relaxing and can just turn phone light off and listen to the person soothing really.

Taylor U.
I’ve challenged myself to read 12 books this year so I’m intentionally unwinding with a book! I’m an avid reader so I save all of my reading time for the end of the day.

Dean F.
I’m really enjoying sudokus before bed. Also I have a book I got for Christmas that’s a really interesting read. It’s short stories so it’s easy to digest small bits at a time. I have other short story collections I should read too, since they’re much less daunting than a novel.

Winnie Y.
Reading works wonders IF you find the right book. I personally HATE novels so I always thought reading wasn’t my thing and non fiction books are always about history so I didn’t like those either. But once you find something good that suits you, something you can’t put down, it’s great

Marissa N.
I've reverted to reading a good action book in the evenings. If you have the right book, it's extremely nice to read- like a movie!

Elise P.
Time for méditation
Time to focus more on my goals
Time to write
Read when I can
Speak with friends, family (entourage)

Darryl U.
Books and other productive stufff. Let my imagination run wild sometimes and write stuff creatively. Whatever comes to mind. My house is neater than before. Tbh I was a pill Junkie before so all of this might not have anything to do with the app but my motivation and drive to change myself.

Karina L.
knitting! after I got over the learning curve it just became meditative and such a great stress relief. not to mention productive!

Debbie P.
I was spending my time in meditation or conversation with my husband. For the past three days I have been writing in my journal. I bought a journal to write letters to my daughter when she was born. I have been using it to share what I am gtateful for each day and how I hope that impacts her.

Senol S.
I’ve been asked this before. I do sport/activities. If not, I simply read. If reading doesn’t get you, try to do sport or – if you have a pet – play with your furry (or not) friend. It helps. And… it sometimes doesn’t work. But, usually, it does. I promise. Another thing – I recommend a specific activity/excercise –, I do horse-riding. I love it. I would rather spend my day without my phone if I got to be on the horse longer than usual. I hope this helped you!

Ella Q.
I try and read my book in my spare time or if I am procrastinating by using my phone I will try and redirect myself with whatever task I was/should be doing instead.

Kathy J.
I read and knit instead of aimless shopping or spending hours on games. Creativity is important to me and I find that whenever I disconnect from my constant video or podcast in the background, creative thoughts bubble up. Substituting other activities for phone time is only going to work if you have something you genuinely enjoy to replace it with – if you like puzzle games , try carrying a book of Sudoku and reaching for it whenever your phone calls. If you like scrolling through Facebook, try calling a friend or family member once a day. If you like shopping, try reorganizing and spending more time with whatever you shop for most, whether that's your closet or a hobby. There's a real thing to substitute for every empty digital wish – and once you have more control over the impulse to reach for your phone, you can sub back in things you find actually enjoyable and not just empty addictive time fillers. For example, I play Clash Royale, a game of skill which can be rewarding with a 3 minute investment, over Best Fiends, a game designed to only give you wins often enough to keep you playing for hours at a time.

Alyssa C.
I’ve put a limit on my social media, an hour a day. I don’t use my phone as much and I’ve started reading more, cleaning and organizing around the house, etc. It feels more productive and less mind numbing.

Savannah U.
At night, as part of my evening routine, I disconnect and unplug. This means I put my phone down for a while before bed. I have an alarm that goes off at 10:45pm. At this time, I know I should put my phone away. I place my phone out of sight. As soon as my phone is out of my hands, I immediately become more mindful. Now I know what I need to sleep. I do whatever I need to do to get ready for bed. Then I relax. I grab a journal a lot of times and start writing about my day. This often helps me fall asleep. Reading is also useful. I just bought two new books that I am excited to read! I also have lots of magazines about mindfulness that I like to read before bed sometimes. Another option away from the phone is to color! I love pulling out my colored pencils and coloring books! I like to color post cards and then mail them to my friends!

Isabelle S.
I have done some light dancing, taking a shower, tried to meditate, but maybe the best one has been food prepping! Now I have meals prepped at least a day or two ahead.

Mads C.
I have been spending less time on my phone and spent more of my free time reading a book and it had made me feel smart😊

Christiaan P.
Thats a difficult one. I try to read a book. But it doesn't overcome the addiction all the time. Offend I still use my phone before bed time or even in my bed.

Alder A.
After putting away my phone I read! It's also an option in Fabulous, so I just put the reading habit after the phone away habit, and only use my phone for that last habit

Marli O.
I actually did not use my phone less. Well at one evening and i went out for dinner on my own and knitted and drank a beer. I really enjoyed it. But it was mainly because my phone needed to be charged.

Isabella J.
I do 4-H, and I have public speaking coming up, so I practice my speech and also do other things like; read, write, figure out meals and what I need to do, taken time to think and playedgames with family and friends.

Olivia B.
I don't spend long on the phone, I consider it a waste of time. Instead I prefer to read, knit, cook, listen to music, meditate…