I don’t really understand what it means by disconnecting and unplugging?

Shanika S.
Hi I think it means to put away all your screens and take a moment to yourself. Maybe meditate or read a book. Things like that
Stefanie N.
Disconnecting and unplugging means to sit quietly with your own thoughts. No noise no visual input. Meaning no TV phone music social media just you and your own thoughts and your own breathingOatmeal- I make mine with water and add protein powder to it some chopped apples and a little honey.
Marjorie S.
Hello dear .. The challenge of disconnecting and unplugging is set in order to let you have better sleep experience.. It means to take away from your bed room any device that can disturb your sleep containing a blue light such as television..phone.. Laptop.. Because this light have an affect on ur body .. As telling your body its still daytime .. So it makes negative effect on you biological clock of your body … In addition to that .. When you have these devices beside you when trying to sleep .. You will stay nurvous for replying on messages for example or checking more stuff ..specially if you are addicted to social media … Its an important challenge.. Good luck 🙂
Janarthanan N.
It means disconnecting from our mobile and social media and avoid electric things and just enjoy some little nature moments😀