How can I start putting my phone away before bed and not ignore what has to be done?

Berit B.
Try putting it on charge in a separate room at a set time. Ensure it is on silent. By doing this at a set time you can complete any phone based tasks prior to that time. If you think of something after that time write it down and complete it the next day. You will be more productive and sleep better.
Arune N.
After shower and toothbrush, before going to sleep, leave your phone in the living room. Go to bed. Took 10 minutes meditation in it to think about today:
♥️ for what you feel grateful?
♥️ what lessons did you learn?
♥️ what life you want to have?
♥️ what is your goals for tomorrow?
Concentrate to yourself ⭐️
Take some time to be with yourself ⭐️
Chanelle N.
You can put your phone on do not disturb and set it aside on a charger and keep in mind over matter to not use it. Once you get it on a charger and let it be, grab a paper to write down a to do list of that need to be done. When you’re finished writing your list start working on your list and cross it out when you’re finished with that task.
Niete T.
I set a do not disturb feature in my phone, which turns all internet and data off. My phone automatically does this for me making it easier for me to forget about it.
Gizem F.
Don’t charge your phone for a while, and keep your nightly charging station away from your bed and bedroom area. This way your phone will need to be charged around the time your nightly ritual begins, then you can put it in the station and walk away to do what you need.
Jacqueline Z.
I sometimes set up Do Not Disturb times on my phone so the ringtones will automatically be silenced and I am not tempted to look at it, or can hear any notifications.