What do you do to avoid the social media habit (i.e. checking IG and FB constantly)?

Signe W.
I place my phone to charge in a different room in my home and then close the door. This guarantees that I will not check my phone for a specific amount of time each day.
Luna Z.
I quiet my mind and close my eyes to observe what’s lyes inside of this holy body that I abide. I let my thoughts pass by like clouds in the sky. Then a take a big deep breath and get real high!
Timmothy W.
I switch off the router or mobile data. I read a book. I listen to music. I write and draw. You can find other things too. Just ask yourself, what do I love doing?
Carleen N.
I usually wait until later at night so I don't really check it constantly. Unless it is for my selling business of Avon & Younique Beauty.