How to disconnect when work is not done?

Vanderl Ia P.
Simply take a nap, read a book or just daydreaming will do. As long as you are not scrolling one socmed onto another huhu for peace of mind, relaxing eyes and much more benefit.

Izzah N.
In this case, I think you should finish your work first if ure using a laptop tablet phone etc. Try do it quickly and disconnect after that

Isabelle F.
Know that your evening is yours. You choose what you spend time on. When you give your attention to work during those hours, you’re giving away your time to relax. Your work can be done the following day. Unless you have an impending deadline there is no need to give away your precious time. When your work is not done, there is always tomorrow to continue. If not, try to manage your time better or talk to your boss. Set yourself a 10 minute timer. When that is up, you are done for the night. Save whatever you have to, and then put your devices on airplane mode, tuck them away and start your night routine – this space is for your mind to relax, de-stress and heal.

Nik B.
I need to spread the work for couple of days not everything ag once. As the saying says they havent bild the Rome in a day. Sometimes is good to leave it and rest. We never know if we didnt get any better ideas

Helen N.
That’s a really good question! I find it hard to stop and am in need to set better boundaries. It might help to enlist a buddy, someone to be accountable to so you feel forced to stop working because you made a commitment to somebody else.