How do you disconnect and keep yourself present in the evening?

Adam C.
I make sure to put my phone down every night by 9:00. I set my alarm, text people I need to text, and make sure there’s nothing else I need to do. I put my phone on do not disturb as well so I am not tempted to check all the notifications that I may receive.
Nathan Y.
I scroll. After a long day with the kids, it's nice to go brain numb for a bit. Although, am is stressful. If like to do more TV and reading and hot tub with Bren.
Tadeusz O.
I put my phone in charge and I remember to turn it to the airplane mode so it will charge faster and I won’t use apps that need WiFi or data like social media where I used to waste a lot of precious time in the evening. Now I spend this time reading, doing my skin care routine, preparing books, homework’s and backpack for the day after or even listen to some relaxing music.
Enora S.
I have a bedtime setting on my iPhone. It turns all my apps off at 8:00pm and then all calls/text messages are silenced at 9:00 pm (my bedtime). This really helps me calm down before bed and takes the strain of blue light off my eyes.