Do you keep your phone in silent at night?

Virginia Z.
I keep my phone usually in another room. It is on a 'Do Not Disturb' schedule that I set up. It turns on and off daily at set times. I have starred important contacts that I will allow to get through to me in emergencies. But, if they are night hawks and want to send me texted at all hours, I would have to remove their star status and look forward to their message in the morning.
Stella Z.
I have an iPhone which I can schedule to turn on to Do Not Disturb mode. I schedule this an hour before bed at 9pm so that I don’t receive any incoming distractions before bed. I then leave my phone charging in the living room before I go to bed. I have a smart watch with a vibrating alarm set 5 mins before my phone alarm. This ensures I am out of bed by my intended get up time (6am) because I have to get to the lounge room to turn off the alarm before it wakes my family. Fabulous is set to launch when my phone alarm is set so that I kick start my day with my morning routine. I also sleep in my exercise gear so it’s one less thing to worry about in the morning and all I have to do is put on my shoes and drink a glass of water before my morning jog.
Rom O Y.
I always set my phone to automated do not disturb because I feel that sleep is a big determining factor in my mood. Better answered well later and quickly and poorly.
Randall U.
Absolutely! My phone is a major distraction so having it silenced helps. I used to be paranoid about it but now I find it freeing. I don't feel harassed by notifications and the like.
Zoe J.
No. For me, it is more distracting to have my phone silenced. I worry I’m not going to hear my alarms or miss an important call. However, I’m not a light sleeper so if small things wake you up I would turn it off.
Lynn T.
No, I do not have a landline and want my family to be able to contact me. I shut down internet on my phone to make sure I am not by whatsapp messages or other push notifications
Stacy P.
No, but I have Night Mode turned on from the time I should start getting ready to go to bed and to the time I should already have woken up in the morning. I have set it so that it stops notifications but will still allow calls to come through.
Johanna G.
On flight mode. Love it because if i wake up in the night I don't get distracted by checking it. Plus it's fun in the morning to turn it back on and see what's new 🙂