How can I stay off my phone before bed?

Russell J.
I took up knitting. It keeps my hands busy and off my phone. It’s also very meditative for me. If you don’t want to knit, just try something that keeps your focus off of the phone. Reading, journaling, etc. And having your phone charging station a little bit away from your side helps. Always replace the temptation with something that helps you forget the temptation is there.
Qu Rio P.
Maybe try switching off your phone an hour before you go to sleep? And I mean shut it down, don't just put it on sleep mode.
Cl O F.
Set a reminder on your phone to “put the phone down & read a book” set for the time that you would normally find yourself on your phone
Cursino O.
Set an alarm for 22:00, to remind myself to start shutting all electronics down and prepare my bed for sleeping. Time to reflect and drink a cup of green the before brushing my teeth etc.
Heather P.
Choose a spot to charge your phone overnight that is away from the area of your home where you typically spend your evening. Then set a goal: how long before bed should you be off your phone? What time will you be in bed by? Once you’ve decided what time you’ll be done with your phone, set an alarm. When it goes off, take the phone to its charging spot and leave it there until morning.
Guy F.
By actively setting a timer or reminder for you to go to bed. So you can prepare by realizing that if your bedtime is 8pm then your phone should be off by 6:30 or 7:00pm
Wendy Q.
This one is hard even for me… Especially if you try to do it by yourself. I live with a good friend, and she helps me. So I would find someone to hold you accountable. If you live with family or have a roommate, even better, so they can be physically there to help you (watch you).
Jamila Q.
Hi Fabolous user 🙂 before i have to go to bed i check all media, mail, messages, etc. When its time for my bedtime i put my phone aside and just go directly to sleep 🌜Hope this is helpful thank you for your question. ☺
Jonat G.
I put my phone on ‘do not disturb’ and don’t check it during the night. I also have a clock that reflects the time onto the wall.
Armandino O.
Make a promise to yourself that you won't use your phone after a certain time (10pm for me) finish using your phone away from your bed and then leave it well alone until your alarm goes off in the morning. I have a key contacts list so that if I do need to be contacted in an emergency by my family, my phone will only ring or buzz if they message me – which they never do!
Frank C.
Well given this app is on you’re phone, this makes it a little hard! So I put the disconnect at the end of my to do list. I find that after meditation, I’m not that’s bothered with checking my phone anymore.
Ruth Z.
I think it’s a values thing. If it’s really important to you not to be on your phone, then it’ll be easy. If you don’t see why you should put it down, or you’re happy with the instant gratification it gives you, then it’ll be hard to convince yourself to put it down. You have to want to put it down.
Roxane I.
I use the screen time setting on my phone. The apps are scheduled to “turn off” at a certain time so it prevents me from looking at them.
Dylan S.
I think that having rees-mogg Mantra to speak to yourself quilling any anxieties or fears or worries or concerns regarding social media or your social life really telling yourself that you know for example after 9 p.m. if somebody really needs to get in contact with you you know you could have your ringer still on for your notifications and that if something happens in social media it will always be there tomorrow and I think the other thing is like you know having maybe certain times that you check social media instead of just indiscriminate tracking of social media
Fabi O E.
Find something else to replace your phone.
Think of a fixed kind of activity you may take right away when you think of reaching your phone and stucking to the screen.
For example, when you want to reach your phone, just go get a cup of fresh water. Drinking water replace for the role of your phone. You have dual benefits:
First, Refresh your body and mind with a gummy glass of fresh water. Ain’t it so rewarding and beneficial for your wellbeing during the day?
Second, achieve accomplishing your goal of staying away from your mobile device for a moment!
You get it, my bro!
Hope this help!
Stay healthy and lively!
Love ya!
Good luck!
Emil C.
Say goodnight to people I need to say goodnight to. Put my phone on silent. Take my sleeping pills. Meditate. Read. Journal.
Elizabeth O.
Plan something to do that doesnt require your phone for example praying or reading meditating yoga etc. This will help you to get ready for bed and you will fall asleep faster, if you do not use technology before bed.
Lucas W.
Staviti za početak alarm u određeno vrijeme, recimo sat prije spavanja. Zatim staviti onu zabranu my hour na sat vremena i onda raditi mindfulness.
Enora Z.
Set up a bed Time routine that begins with letting go of your phone. And continues with relaxing and getting both mind and body ready to sleep and rest properly. For me that means reviewing my agenda, setting any alarms or reminders for the next day, plugging in my phone, writing in my gratitude journal, meditating, taking a bath or shower, making sure my water bottle is full and refreshed, putting on my sleep mask and snuggling with my cats until I fall asleep. It doesn't have to be that long. It can be anything that relaxes you. Painting, reading… Ideally no sports or screen time at least one hour before you want to sleep! so It's best to start any routine by getting that out of the way first.