How are you able to unplug and disconnect if others rely on you as part of their stress relief?

Victor B.
As with everything there is a balance. There comes a point where you need to put yourself first and give yourself time so that you won’t feel burnt out. I know it’s not always that simple but if you crack/burn out you would in anyways not be able to support the people that are dependent on you🌼
Kiley N.
simply try telling them that you are working on your health and that requires you to go to bed and stay off your phone. you could even tell them that you don’t have the mental capacity to take on their stresses at night:)
Mariam Z.
I can not . Sometimes I pretend like I will be there if you wanted me just try to give a small ring and I will wake up . It works sometimes but not everytime
Any way I started to hate this type of relations I need more felixable one
Barb O.
It's actually an easy one, if you will disconnect and let that person know why then most likely they would also want to try to disconnect as their way of relieving stress.
Mehmet Q.
I had this problem with my best friend. I’m her rock and I made a deal with hear that I can have at least ten minutes to myself every night.
Nic Sio N.
I am having this too much. I have friends that uses me as their stress relief. I have always messages from them. And this is how i fight with it , i dont look messages and i dont open the phones from them. Because i should think myself too. And when they ask me like why dont you talk i say i had work i am sorry . And when i want to talk with them i just talk them and then i unplug. Because sometimes unplugging and put away your phone is more relaxing than play with it . My rules are so easy . I hope this works for somebody else
Nelson S.
Some times we got to be a little selfish and truly take care of our selfs. Because sleep is really important I am not going to miss it because of some one or some thing.
Willard F.
It’s easy for me to give to other people, in fact I excel at it so much that I violate my own boundaries, I put myself second and push people away…. so ya people don’t rely on me right now
Mimi U.
Just be honest with them. You cant be the “stress reliever ” if your mind is not at ease. Always put your self as the top priority, if you are not feeling good then it’s ok to say no.
Silke W.
Because if my if people rely on me as part of their stress relief they text me about 2 hours before bed so that I can unplug later
Tomothy C.
I have no idea sometimes I just use it as not going on social media or going to bed earlier my family is used to me using this app so if I say I’m doing my night routine then they know not to bother me try telling them that I hope this helps
Fernando U.
I answer them and help them as quickly and efficiently as possible and ask them 30 minutes before hand if they need to speak about anything.
Kiara Z.
i think both are rather incompatible, or the best you can is calling or texting your friends 1 hour or 2 per day. I recommend putting you in airplane mode as much as possible, or in do not disturb mode.
Gidel B.
It’s hard with this app, and the only way to talk to other about it is through the phone, but setting a timer helps a lot.
Jeremiah Z.
There needs to be a line where you need to stop helping your friend. At a point this becomes unhealthy and can sacrifice your own mental health. Also if you aren’t able to help someone while you are asleep then you are allowed not help someone when you are about to go to sleep.
Olly Z.
I take time do the things i enjoy by myself. Going walking along the canals or even out up past the college gives me a chance to take stock. That and playing guitar for an hour or so where i can just get lost in the music and not worry about the world around me
Letitia F.
I don’t believe that you can fully be there for others if you are not their for yourself first. By ridding yourself of all distractions, you can take time for yourself to reflect on what things have a good on you and how you can let those things go. Doing this allows a more clear and opened mind, which enables you to better help others!
Rojda O.
Well, I just feel that I have to reset myself to be able to be helpful everyone around me. First I help to myself. Therefore, since I met with fabulous app, I just switch off my phone (which is quite hard these days) I am putting myself away from everything that connecting me to the world. I put some candle, read, chat with family or playing with my dog. This is helping me to see what is around me, which moment I am in.
Shabi N.
It is very important to set healthy boundaries. If others relying on you makes it difficult for you to relax, you should set a boundary. You are allowed to take care of yourself. Let these people know that past a certain hour you will not be available for them.