Is there any app that so that I can turn off my phone and program it to open in the morning for the alarm clock?

Philip Z.
To my knowledge there’s no app on android or iPhone that can turn a phone back on when it’s been switched off. But you can use the do not disturb function. Some apps can time it so it’s on when you go to bed and switches off just before your alarm. On the iPhone I use the Sleep (Health) and Do not disturb functions together. Works a charm. It even permits you to set contacts that can break through do not disturb, in case there is an emergency. I hope that helps.

Alessio O.
If you are wanting to turn your phone off to not receive messages during the night that might wake you up, you could always put your phone on do not disturb instead. That way your alarm will still go off in the morning and you will still get a good nights sleep.