Do I move my phone to the hallway or keep it in my bedroom?

Mathias X.
Most definitely at night moving your phone and or devices that distract you will help your sleep so my advice is too either power your phone off,turn on airplane mode, move your phone in another room.🤗🥰
Jordan N.
Depends what your goal is! Is it to wake up immediately, to avoid hitting the snooze button? In which case, yes! For 6 weeks, move it outside your bedroom to get your alarm and you'll be ready to do whatever morning routine you've set for yourself
Heather N.
I have a charging station in my room. However I think it depends on the person. If you’re the type that will be tempted to pick it up and check it, put it out of your room.
Ely F.
Ive tried the hallway, the kitchen, and even the bathroom. Personally there's no need to go crazy. If the other side of the bedroom works for you that's fine but don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Take it slow and enjoy the experience.