I need something that will meet the same need as watching tv does for me when I get home. I have a stressful job and I’d like an activity that takes me out of my head but doesn’t involve a lot of brain power!

Rebecca G.
There are a couple things I suggest doing. Reading is always a good option, especially fantasy (for me), since it takes me out of the world. However, it might use some brain power. Another activity I suggest is some sort of hobby, like crochet, drawing, or knitting. Something that will keep your hands occupied but isn’t too difficult for your brain. While you do this, you can listen to some music, an audiobook, or a podcast. You could also take a walk outside or talk to some friends.

Hui Jen Y.
watching tv is okay ig if u want to relax. for me, i read a book i rlly enjoy that, u can try?? but other than that i don’t rlly know 🔫

Camellia O.
You can paint. It doesn't have to be professional artwork. Just take a brush and some watercolors or any medium you like, and express yourself freely. Let your imagination do the rest. Another thing that I am into now a days which gives me a lot of satisfaction along with stress reduction is doing a workout. You can try it too. There is a channel I follow on YouTube. It's called MadFit, and it's absolutely awesome. So when you are watching it you'll still feel the satisfaction of watching something, like on tv, but you'll also feel motivated to stay fit. I love it. Hope this helps! 🙂