What are some ways in which I can not let my significant other influence me with their bad habits such as watching tv, looking at their phone early in the morning, etc

Tomislav C.
Set your environment up right. Don't have your phone beside your bed, have a book. Drink water and read that. Don't forget your exercise first thing. 🙂
Ps Carole Baskin did it! Xo
Abigail Z.
Oof I’m guilty of these myself. If anything I’m the bad influence. But I would suggest forming a new morning habit to replace these behaviors. Perhaps a mantra, a stretch, drinking water. But do it in a way that looks so fun and enjoyable that your significant other can’t help but join you!
Milton Y.
Try to get them on board and join you in this journey. Otherwise I’m not sure because my husband has no interest in this so that can be a set back at times with tv for me. As for the phone I just ignore that. Outside of this app I’m rarely on my phone now even though he always is on his which gets rather annoying now. Sleeping with a face mask and earplugs helps tremendously if you’re a light sleeper like me!
Katy Y.
Have a conversation with them, explain what you are doing and ask them to support you. Then it's up to you to do what you need to do.
Tristan W.
That’s a difficult one. I would say replace their bad habit with something you want to do and use their habit to trigger your good one. Example: every evening my wife looks at her social media feed for 30 minutes when we are in bed. As soon as I see that I know that I have about 30 minutes to do something. And I use that time to read a book. Now every time she grabs her phone in the evening in bed. I reach for my book.
Alicia Z.
First, try to explain to them why this matters to you and see if you can work out a compromise. Your significant other may change his habits & join you on this journey of self discovery. Or at least offer their support by respecting your wishes. Otherwise, during TV time you can use headphones to play calming music or an audiobook to block out the TV, or better yet, have your significant other use headphones. In the early morning hours you can block out his phone with a sleep mask. Or encourage him to darken the screen, use headphones or face the phone away from you so the lights not so evident. Hope that helps some.
Ay E M.
To find another thing to do at the same time to not to notice these people. Today there are lots of attraction sources like telephone, internet, TV, social Media which takes our time more than we plan. We should focus on what is essential for us.